Your upsell is like ordering fast food

Creating the right kind of video for your upsell is often a stumbling block for marketers.

Remember that the upsell is where you start to make some money.

The problem is that many marketers treat the upsell the same way they treat the main sales letter. After reading this article today, you won’t do that!

The upsell video

Many marketers stumble on the video for the upsell. They think they need to make a long compelling case for the upsell. But they don’t.

It’s not really about the length of the video; it’s about the speed of delivering the offer. The upsell video shouldn’t be more than 7 minutes.

In fact, the upsell for the 6 Figure Funnel Formula is a $200 offer. At one point it was converting at around 38%. It’s still extremely high, so it consistently does well. And the video is about three and a half minutes. That’s it.

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You must remember that the mindset, the psychology, the trust level, the decision making process — it’s different in the upsell path then it is on the front end.

The add-on decisions

Here’s an example for how to think about it. You decide you want to go to a fast food restaurant. You pull up, you look at the menu, you try to decide what to order.

You hem and haw. “Do I want this; do I want that? I want a burger, I want fries, I want this, I want that.”

Then you finally place your order. That’s the front end. It involves a lot of decision making: “Is this what I really want?”

Then the person asks, “Do you want the large? Do you want to add a cookie for a buck? Do you want to order a drink?”

These are very fast decisions that are much easier to make on the fly. They are just add-ons so you don’t have to go back in and do all of the big decisions.

What the upsell should be

The upsell offer needs to be completely congruent with the trip-wire. In fact, the best type of upsells are an expansion on the topic; whatever they will need next on their path.

For instance, if the front end is how to set up your website, the next thing that they need is how to generate traffic to that website. After that, the next thing they need — for the next up sell or add-on offer — is how to convert that traffic.

Here’s the thing. They are already sold on the main topic. That’s why they bought the trip wire.

If they bought a trip wire and it’s a $7 “how to do x”, the upsell offer is maybe a video demonstration plus a cheat sheet, or maybe a schematic of how to do x. It’s an expansion of what it is they just bought.

What many marketers don’t realize is they don’t need to do more education-based marketing or selling for the upsell. They’ve already bought into the first product. The EBM content was delivered on the front end with the VSL or the front end sales letter. Whatever it was that drove them to buy, they already bought into that.

So don’t get tripped up on how to sell the upsell. Keep it relatively short and simple. You have a new customer, and after ordering the burger, they are ready to order the fries and start eating dinner! Let them get there quickly.


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