Your success hinges on your client’s best interest

When it comes to doing business, it is absolutely critical to put your client first. Always appreciate them and never take them for granted.

Below is an excerpt of a coaching call I did with my high-level clients, where I share with them how to do this well, and why it is so important.

…Here is an important reason why I believe that I have been fortunate to develop a good reputation in the marketing industry.

It’s because, whenever I think of adding something to a program, or making a change to a program, I forget about what is easiest, fastest, simplest, and the least amount of work for me.

Instead, I ask, “What can we do that would really be in the best interest of the client?”

You see, when we are in the “information business”, we are really in the results business. We are getting people results.

And the reality is this: the better results you help people get, the longer people are going to stay with you.

The client’s best interest = your success

For instance, let’s say your client is an athlete and they come to you to work on their mental game, their psychology.

If you help change them so that they can become mentally tougher, they’re not going to want to go anywhere else. They’re going to want to continue to get better, and continue to excel.

So you want to make sure that, as you are thinking about how to structure your programs and your offerings, always make sure that whatever you offer them is in their best interest.

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For instance, for some of our coaching programs. There are some things that I would like not to do so that I can have a bit more free time. But to have people just go through our program and not talk to me and get clarity, is doing them a disservice.

So when you are thinking about adding things to your program and tweaking things, make sure you think about what is in the best interest of your clients. You will never go wrong doing that. You will only have success when you put them ahead of yourself.

Building community

For instance, let’s look at building community, which is really important, AND is really helpful to your clients. The problem is, Facebook groups are a dime a dozen right now.

So maybe you want to find some other platform that also works on people’s cellphones, where you can add real value. Remember what I have taught you about being different and not doing the same thing as everyone else.

You also need to look at your market and identify whether something like Facebook actually is the perfect program, or if you need to look outside for something different.

Even if you do use a Facebook group, you would want to position it in a unique way. For instance, you could say that they get access to the “elite closed community” with some sort of cool name. This helps you change it up a bit.

Maybe by changing the frame, you could just say that the community is being “hosted on Facebook”. Or something like “powered by Facebook”.

Make sure the focus is the benefit of the community.

Don’t just say “you get access to the Facebook group”. Say you get “ongoing support” or “you get your questions answered”, or “you get clarity on things you don’t understand, and you get the camaraderie of other people who are at the same stage you are, going on this journey right alongside you.”

Build goodwill with lifetime access

In addition, as you think about how to provide services for your clients, when there’s no additional cost for you, then it builds goodwill if you say to people that they get lifetime or ongoing access to this group. Turn that into a benefit.

If your clients are athletes, say, for instance, “Anytime you need to jack up your mental toughness even more, the community is here 24/7, any day, any time. You get lifetime access to everything.”

This way we are also eliminating a potential objection or concern. When it comes to a coaching type of program people often worry that they will lose out if they can’t make the calls live or if they fall behind. So this is an easy way to answer the question, when you say that they have easy access to the portal 24/7, anytime they want.

As an added incentive to get people to join your program today, you can also say that once the group hits 100 people it will be a paid group, but the first 100 people will never pay anything if they join now.

It’s your turn! Please share in the comments below some things you do to help your clients get great results.


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