Your biggest block to scaling up your business – Part 1/2

It can feel really scary to decide you are ready to hire people to do some of the work that you have been doing yourself. The thing you need to understand though, is that your business won’t be able to grow if you don’t hire people.

In this 2-part series, I share part of a conversation I had with some of our high-level coaching clients about how to scale your business by getting other people to work for you.

…Here are some things to remember as you begin to scale up your business.

You definitely have to continue to look at what is on your calendar. What are you doing today? What are you allowing to hop onto your daily task list? What are the things that are bogging down your calendar?

And you need to figure out what is on there that you don’t like or enjoy. Is it possible to remove those things from your company? They may not even have a place in your business model.

But then there are things you are allowing to get on your task list because they are necessary and there’s no one else to do them right now, even though you don’t like them or enjoy them. They are critical…mandatory…necessary for your business.

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So you need to ask yourself what it would cost to have someone else do those things instead of you. Would it cost fifteen, or twenty, or thirty bucks an hour to have someone else do them?

How much time would that free up for you, and could you make back that money in that same amount of time?

The majority of you are continuing to master marketing skills – as I am – which is the money-generating activity in any business. It’s the highest-value activity within any company. The people who generate sales bring in the revenue.

However, there’s a good chance that, unless you are grossly overpaying, you could very easily make back that money you invest in having someone else do the things that you don’t like to do.

Yes, I know you know it. Will you DO it?

I know you’ve heard me say it before, and I know you have heard many other people say it before too.

So I ask you, what will it take for you to move beyond acknowledging this intellectually, and get to the point where you actually do it? Where you understand that, “It costs me twenty bucks an hour but it frees up an hour of my time and there’s a good chance that I can use that hour to make more than twenty bucks”?

What will it take for you to move beyond just understanding and recognizing it, and start doing it?

I ask this because I know many of you are still struggling with your schedules being soaked up by lots of little things.

Well those little things are keeping you from the more important things. The more important, money-generating activities. The marketing and selling.

Fear is stopping you

There may be fear there for you. You may be saying to yourself, “I’m not sure I have the money” or you may even have the idea of “I don’t want to part with the money.”

So for instance, if you are thinking, “It will cost me $500 to get an assistant, or I can save the money by doing it myself”, that thinking is going to hold you back. That thinking will hinder your progress, absolutely. It will cause massive friction in your ability to grow your business if you continue to hold onto that flawed thinking.

And I am telling you it is flawed thinking because I’ve had it before. But I’ve also had multiple times where I’ve had companies go from slow growth – or even no growth – to almost a 90-degree trajectory.

I can tell you that, almost always, a big part of unleashing that growth is being willing to let other people do some of the work…

So what will it take for you to move away from that flawed thinking? Come back tomorrow and I’ll share a strategy that will make it crystal clear.

It’s your turn! If you haven’t started hiring enough – or any – people to work for you yet, what is holding you back? Please share in the comments below!


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