Why your customers get the VIP treatment

Have you ever imagined actually finding a message in a bottle on the beach? It would be cool, right?

But if you were to open it, you would find that the message isn’t for you. What do you do with it then?

This is an excerpt from a coaching call with some of our high-end clients. If you have not yet created separate funnels for prospects and customers, you will definitely want to read this to find out why it’s so important!

Client: Now, I’d never heard this; it was in one of your modules. Excuse me for not catching it, but the idea that you have two separate funnels for customers and prospects was like, “Whoa, I’ve never heard that.” That’s a fascinating, good idea…

I’m wondering, is it a lot more work to do that?

If we were going to pinpoint the reason why you want two different funnels, or two different sequences, it’s that you have to talk to prospects differently than you talk to customers.

In fact, if you’re doing things right, customers should get special treatment anyway. They should get either a special deal, or special early access, or an additional bonus. They should be taken care of.

And there are ways that you can present things to customers that you couldn’t necessarily do with prospects.

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Two different ways of speaking

For example, when I present MFA to the general public, like when I do a public webinar, it’s a very different message than when I talk to someone who has already purchased the 6 Figure Funnel Formula.

I say things differently to an individual who has gone through the 6 Figure Funnel Formula, is already a client, and has a different understanding of funnels, and me and my approach, than what I would say to a prospect.

This goes back to one of those foundational principles of marketing. The more you can match your message to your audience, the better you’re going to do; the higher your conversion rate is going to be.

Take things up a notch

Why would I want to talk to 6 Figure Funnel Formula clients the same way that I would talk to a prospect who has no experience with me?

To the 6 Figure Funnel Formula people I could say, “Hey, you’ve gone through the 6 Figure Funnel Formula, you’ve seen this, you understand this, but now let’s talk about taking it up a notch and taking what it is that you know about X, Y, Z , to a different level, etc…”

I can jump into a dialogue that’s already going on in their mind, leveraging verbiage and lingo that they know — that they’ve become accustomed to — and showing them testimonials and case studies from their peers.

It’s different on the front end of your funnel, when you are talking to prospects.

Message to market match

When your entire message is tailored to the market, to the audience, you will get better results.

When they get an email from you and it’s specific to them, but then they see that the video isn’t specific to them, it’s confusing.

If they click a link in an email where you explain, “This is for you because X, Y, Z,” and then they go over to the video and you say, “Hey, welcome X, Y, Z folks …” and you carry over that matched message to the audience, you’re going to do better. Your conversions are going to be there.

The reason why it’s not done more often is because it takes more work.

And that is what separates the successful marketers from the less successful marketers.


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