Time crunch: Do you do the urgent or the important?

You can hear the virtual clock ticking. Even if you no longer have a face-clock sitting on your desk or wall, second hand moving visibly through the day, you can still feel it. It’s almost like there is a ticking in your head. Or in your gut. Time is passing…

What have you accomplished today? What do you still need to accomplish? Which are the most important activities that will move your business forward?

We all have to-do lists that drive our daily and weekly decisions. Even when we find ourselves wandering on the internet, or gazing out the window, that to-do time bomb ticks on, relentlessly.

Make the right choice

The truth is, if you can’t identify which activities are most crucial for driving your business forward, you are likely to get side-tracked, and lose business… and money.

And when faced with a decision, which do you do? The urgent? Or the important? There is a HUGE difference!

Listen in below to hear how I share this idea with some of my private coaching clients, and encourage them to sky-rocket their businesses by making the right choice!

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