There Are No ‘Mindset’ Problems When It Comes to Overwhelm (and the REAL reason you feel burnout and waning passion for what you do…)

Editor’s note: MFA is pleased to share this article from guest blogger, Justin Devonshire.

Justin DevonshireLet me quickly reveal a fallacy you may be victim to.

There is no such thing as mindset ‘blocks’ when it comes to overwhelm.

A ‘blockage’ is simply an unwillingness to do what is actually the most obvious thing that needs to be done.

If you don’t know what needs to be done, that’s called CONFUSION. And there’s a simple cure – ask someone who does know. But that’s not a mindset ‘block’.

Even though I wouldn’t want to brand myself as a ‘mindset’ coach, I’ve helped entrepreneurs struggling with overwhelm and burnout break though huge sticking points and limiting beliefs in MINUTES, when the popular mindset or life coaches they worked with couldn’t do it in weeks or even months.

What’s the secret?

It’s actually quite simple. These ‘blocks’ of inner conflict, which drain our passion and make us start to resent our business come because you’re doing tasks you aren’t meant to be doing.

If you feel overwhelmed learning about marketing pages, sales funnel, copywriting, email integration and conversion statistics, or anything else that isn’t your ‘superpower’ of inspiring people to transform their lives… then you’ll experience conflict.

The cure is simple. STOP doing the things you hate.

“But, those things have to be done! Its my business, I have to do them. I can’t possibly have a team at this point, I can’t afford it.”

You may have thought the above, yes?

Yet this is just a belief you have been taught by others who failed at the same place. But if you look to those entrepreneurs who’ve succeeded in quickly growing and scaling companies, what do you see?

Did Richard Branson launch the marketing campaign, sell the airline tickets, pilot the airplanes and sweep the floors when he launched Virgin Airlines?

Of course not. A real entrepreneur knows her value lies in their ideas and leadership. Not in physical manual labor.

It’s the solopreneur whose value lies in their ‘hard work’ and sweat.

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When we simply put the person in the right place, doing work they love, and give other people the opportunity to help you by doing work THEY love, amazing synchronicity and efficiency is created.

No successful business owner gets there without a team.

So mindset blocks are simply your inner wisdom telling you ‘this isn’t your role’.

Put the right people in the right place, and anyone can excel.

And the mindset ‘issues’ are gone, instantly.

At the moment you’re conflicted, burned out and overwhelmed because you’re trying to be two types of people.

Solopreneur – works for money and people.

Entrepreneur – money and people work for him.

It’s time to choose.

You know you need a powerful sales marketing & sales funnel that automates your growth & frees your time.

But if the thought of creating a funnel or getting it all right is daunting to you, then I’d suggest letting other experts take care of it.

Sure, it costs money.

But it saves you time.

And any true, successful entrepreneur knows their time is 10X more profitable than their money.

Think about it.

How many hours will it take you to build your own automated marketing funnel?

10 hours? 20 hours?

Not including the time to maintain it, tweak it and optimize it.

But if it was done for you, you’d have an extra 20 hours to push your business forward by doing things you enjoy that bring more revenue.

For example, if you had 20 more free hours whilst someone takes care of your funnels, how many more clients could you be serving?

How many joint venture deals could you be securing?

Or, how much more free time could you just choose to enjoy your life, have more time with family or even get back to your hobbies and passions?

And how much would that be worth to you?

Get out of your own way. If you want a scalable income and a freedom lifestyle, STOP trading your time for money.

Start trading your money for time.

Justin Devonshire is an international speaker & trainer, and helps coaches, consultants, speakers, authors and business people like you to attract more clients & create a freedom lifestyle by creating “Expert Authority” positioning quickly.

Justin consults some of the biggest 8-figure-earning coaches & speakers in the world – including companies generating $20 million in revenues – on how to triple their lead flow, charge premium fees and scale their businesses quickly.

He owns businesses in multiple niches, including personal development, health and entrepreneurial success. He has partnered with, and shared the stage with, some of the most successful speakers in the industry.

Justin’s businesses have been featured in Forbes, Men’s Health, Cosmopolitan, The Huffington Post and several national TV and radio stations. To learn his systems & strategies go to Justin’s Expert Authority Academy.

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