The Difference Between Average And Extraordinary Online Marketers

Living in South Florida, I’ve been fortunate and blessed to be part of dozens of informal, impromptu “mastermind meetings” and business discussions with some extremely sharp and shrewd marketers and entrepreneurs.

I’m talking about sharing and getting marketing and business-building ideas with folks like: Michael Masterson, Rich Schefren, Tom Beal, Clayton Makepeace, Alex Jeffreys, Don Mahoney, Mary Ellen Tribby, Pete Williams, Jay Abraham, top copywriters from Agora, and many others.

Cigars, Wise Cracks, And Marketing Breakthroughs!

Most of these gatherings have taken place at Cigar Connoisseur, a hip little cigar lounge in downtown Delray Beach. 

Walking in to Connoisseur you’ll immediately see a walk-in humidor with tons of premium cigars, a handful of comfy leather sofas, a full bar, television sets on the walls, and outback… a patio with tables and chairs surrounded by palm trees and lots of patrons’ expensive cars.

An Intimate Meeting Brought To Light A Discovery…

One night, a handful of years ago, during a meeting with just Rich Schefren and I, we discussed the difference between average online marketers and those earning the big seven and eight figure incomes.

And despite what a lot of marketers have been taught, the difference – we both agreed – doesn’t come from technology, huge lists, connections, access to big JV partners, or cutting-edge marketing tactics.

The big difference between the average marketers and the big earners, when it comes to marketing, is in how the common marketing tactics are applied within their marketing funnels and product launches.

You see, both average marketers and extraordinary marketers both apply the same common marketing tactics in their sales funnels, launches, and campaigns. But, the big difference is in how those common tactics are used.

The average marketers use the common tactics in the same manner which other average marketers use them. While the extraordinary marketers find new and innovative ways to use the common marketing tactics.

For instance:

When it comes to things like scarcity, risk reversal, commitment and consistency, urgency, reciprocity, etc., average marketers will use them in the common, ordinary manner… right out of the text book.

How Do You Use These In Your Marketing?

While extraordinary marketers find new, fresh, and different ways to use those very same tactics. They find a new and fresh way to apply urgency, scarcity, reciprocity, etc. The won’t simply use them out of the box.

The end result is that the extraordinary marketers are still able to benefit from the same time-tested and proven marketing principles… while not appearing to be rehashing what everyone else in the marketplace is.

So, when it comes time to create your next sales funnel, product launch, or marketing campaign it’s well worth you spending time thinking about how you can apply the tried-and-true marketing principles in a new, unique, and fresh way not commonly seen by your competitors.


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