Some Big Takeaways From The Titans Of Direct Response Event

Titans Of Direct Response

Yesterday I held a special live coaching call for my private MFA Coaching and Mentor To A Million Clients to share some of the key takeaways from the recent Titans of Direct Response event.

Below is the audio recording from the first hour of that call.

(The recording is just about 60 minutes. And I go through the takeaways at lightning pace! So I highly recommend you have a pad and pen handy… and get ready to take some serious notes.)

Some Big Takeaways From The Titans Of Direct Response Event


You can also download the audio file here.

While at the event, over a cup of coffee in the lobby of the Stamford Marriott, Ryan Deiss and I talked about the email marketing schedule and process he uses at Digital Marketer to send new offers to his prospect list.

He broke down in detail exactly what they do to balance regular weekly promotional emails with content and relationship-building.

And I’ve got to say… it was impressive. Very in line with what I teach about what to do with unconverted prospects after they go through your marketing funnel.

Well, Ryan just released a free video that gives you a glimpse into his exact email marketing system.

And he breaks-down how often you should mail your list, the different types of offers to make, and what types of emails you should send… all while building and fostering a great relationship with your list… so they respect, appreciate, and and buy from you.

He even walks you through the specific sequence of emails to send out the first 7 days after a prospect gets on your list.

It’s a fantastic video. And one I highly recommend you watch right away (and save for future reference).

You can watch Ryan’s video training here.


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