Strategic teaching leaves gaps

When teaching your prospects in a video sales funnel or in a webinar, you want to be strategic about what you teach.

You don’t want to be vague, because that will leave them frustrated and not trusting you.

Instead, you want to provide terrific, specific value. Enough valuable information so that anyone with a little knowledge of the topic would be able to go out and implement it for themselves.

AND you also want to leave some gaps.

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For example, at one point I was selling a coaching program to chiropractors. I talked about how they could set up their entire sales funnel with free tools.

I showed them that they should use WordPress for their website. It’s free, you can download it immediately, and it’s easy to use. I showed them why it is great, why it is easy, why it is simple, and why they want to use it. I sold them on the idea of using WordPress.

I didn’t, however, show them how to install WordPress. And although I did show them GoDaddy and told them they could get a domain for $9, I didn’t show them all the details about how to put all of that together.

I knew at the end, after I strategically taught the value and ease of using Word Press, they would see it as the greatest thing since sliced bread. I had just saved them hundreds of dollars a month because they wouldn’t need a webmaster.

By the end of that one little section alone, they absolutely wanted to get started with Word Press. But there were gaps and they needed my program to fill those gaps.

At the time, when I published that marketing funnel program, there were sites and services that let you publish to as many as 32 different sites with one update.

So the next thing I said was, “It is possible to automate your postings on lots of different sites. Because this is a little more of an advanced topic though, let me show you how to do that on just two different social media websites.”

I told them, “Imagine what would happen to your traffic flow, to your acquisition of new patients, to the visits to your website, if every day, multiple times a day on autopilot, you had messages that were being automatically sent to over 32 different social media websites. It’s unbelievable. For right now, let me show you how to get started with two.”

That was great value! But if they wanted to know the other 30, they would need the program.

Over and over, throughout the sales funnel, they were learning new things, and getting tremendous value. I always want to make the marketing information valuable. But everything was done strategically.

Giving value helps you tap into the law of reciprocity, and at the same time it allows you to show that anyone can do these things, if they really want to.

Let’s look at another example.

Value. Not a sales pitch

Let’s say you have a fitness business. You strategically select specific exercises that work in tandem for a specific outcome.

In this case you would tell them that there are dozens of exercises, but you’ll show them three today.

You know they won’t do squats and deadlifts every single day. Although it’s valuable and useful, it’s not a complete message. They learned a new concept, but they need to understand even more to get the big picture.

You could say, “Now the beauty of this is there are multiple exercise combinations. They are specific exercises that, when combined with other specific exercise, jack up your metabolic rate because of….” whatever your unique mechanism is.

So you’re giving these two exercises, first, to give value and not just a sales pitch. And second, so they understand the mechanism behind why it works.

This is where you give them just enough information so they understand there is an actual process. A scientific, physiological, anatomical reason, which is responsible for why this works.

Remember, if you firmly believe that your product or service will help your prospect solve their problem, you should absolutely leave a few gaps in what you teach them.

These gaps leave them hungering for more, which is when you can then make your offer.

If you really help them solve their problem like this, they will love you and come back for more!


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