Segmenting Prospects By Interests Via Email

Profitable marketing is all about delivering the right message to the right prospect at the right time.

And, the more targeted your marketing message is to your prospects needs and desires, the greater your conversion rate will be.

This is why segmenting your prospects via “interests” can be such a valuable activity for any marketer.  Especially when that segmentation leads to segmented communications based on those “interests”.

With the CRM system we use in most of my companies (Infusionsoft), we’re able to segment our prospect list a variety of different ways.

One of the main ways we consistently learn more about our prospects, collect additional data, and segment based on “interests”… is via engagement with new content we publish.

Two to three times a week we publish a new piece of content to the main company blog. We then send out an email letting our list know about the new article, video, etc.

When prospects click the link in the email to go to the blog to check-out the new piece of content, we apply a tag to their contact record letting us know they clicked the link in the email and are interested in the topic of the new content.

For example:

If we post a new article on the blog about generating referrals, when prospects click the link in the email to read the article, we tag them with a tag in the Interest Category labelled “Generating Referrals”. This way, we know they have an interest in learning more about generating referrals. And we do this for all blog posts.

Below is a screenshot of some of our Interest Tags:

This not only tells us what topics are of greatest interest to our prospects, it also creates multiple sub-lists of prospects based on their interests.

And what this allows us to do is then send targeted offers to those prospects based on the topics they’ve demonstrated continued interest in.

Overall, what this means is that we’re able to put targeted offers out in front of targeted prospects… increasing the conversions on our offers, and ensuring we give all of our prospects what they ultimately want from us – information and guidance they’re interested in.

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