Ridiculous Internet Marketing Behavior

Okay, so it’s time for a little rant. As someone who teaches and coaches online marketers how to create profitable marketing funnels, it saddens and irritates the heck out of me to see marketers being sucked into the lie of 1-click marketing funnel themes, plugins, and software.

Between the cost of media today, the level of competition online, and the difficulty in getting and keeping prospect attention… you need to be extremely methodic and strategic with the development of your marketing funnels if you truly want to be successful online.

The Reality Of Pre-Done Marketing Funnel Tools

Listen: a WordPress theme, for example, that makes it easy to create lead generation pages, sales letter pages, and upsell/downsell pages is great. I use many of them.

However, what you say, how you say it, and when you say it... on those pages… is infinitely more important that simply having the ability to throw up some web pages in a matter of minutes.

Having a “marketing funnel” plugin or theme installed on a website doesn’t make for a profitable sales process without the proper strategy and proper application of sound marketing tactics.

It’s the right strategy for your market, your competition, your prospects’ level of awareness and sophistication, and the unique application of proven direct response marketing tactics that makes for a profitable marketing funnel.

So, am I saying there’s no value in investing in certain “marketing funnel” themes, plugins, software, etc., for your business?

No. Not at all.

What I am saying is that the idea that buying and using those things… straight out of the box… is all you need for a wildly-profitable marketing funnel… is just nonsense.

Not today. Not anymore (if ever).

So, please, please don’t get sucked into that lie.

The ‘Bare Minimum’ Marketing Funnel Checklist

At a bare minimum, regardless of how you decide to create the necessary webpages for your marketing funnel, be sure you’ve adequately researched and thought through the following:

  • Your prospects level of awareness
  • Your prospects level of sophistication
  • What your prospects need to believe to buy
  • Your competitions’ promises and offers
  • The Big Idea behind your marketing funnel
  • The Big Promise of your marketing funnel
  • How you’re establishing credibility
  • How you’re establishing trust
  • The proof elements to use for each claim and promise you make
  • The strategic placement of outcome-based testimonials
  • The unique application of proven direct response marketing tactics throughout your marketing funnel
  • How to present a unique, superior and irresistible offer
  • Your post-purchase stick strategy

Will this require more work, effort, and time than simply using some pre-done marketing funnel widget or whiz-bang theme or plugin?

Heck yeah.

But, the end result here will be a customer acquisition system, for you, that truly works to build your business and grow your income. And that’s really what you’re after, right?

Okay, then… enough of the rant… (for now)… 🙂


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