This Order Form “Bump Offer” Works Best (weird psychology)

This Order Form Bump Offer Works Best (weird psychology)

I recommend you add this to your funnel today.

Just like I describe below.

In this month’s Marketing Funnels Uncensored Blueprint Report, I dissected and broke-down all the steps of the marketing funnel behind one of the most popular online training programs of 2012-2013.

There were about a dozen and half savvy tactics used throughout the different funnel steps leading up to the order form.

Then, about five really savvy tactics used on the order form itself.

But there was one tactic, in particular, used on the order form that trumped all others in terms of its impact on overall transaction size produced.

It was a Bump Offer.

Or, more accurately – a bump offer presented in a unique fashion that triggers a different psychological response than the typical bump offer does.

A bump offer is really nothing more than an add-on option, not mentioned prior, given right on the order form that typically requires nothing more than a checkbox tick to have it added to the order.

It could be a “rapid shipping” option.

An additional product.

A greater quantity of the main product.


Most bump offers are presented in a way that require an affirmative response from the prospect.

Meaning: The common bump offer states an additional benefit the prospect can reap, by taking the offer, and requires a positive action in the form of clicking the checkbox to add it to the order.

While this type of common bump offer can be effective, it requires the prospect to contemplate the value of experiencing those additional benefits.

And, again, requires them to take an additional action to reap those benefits – check the box.

On the order form in the funnel I dissected for subscribers in this month’s Marketing Funnels Uncensored Blueprint Report, the bump offer was presented from the opposite perspective.

The bump offer was presented as what the prospect would miss out on if they unchecked the box and denied the offer.

Here’s what the headline area of the bump offer said…

“If this box is unchecked I will NOT receive my FREE 14 Day Trial to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Masterclass – an exclusive monthly ADVANCED training program.”

Of course, the checkbox was ticked by default when prospects land on the order form.

Compared to the common bump offer, this offer requires the prospect to proactively deny the offer, if they don’t want it, and with physical action acknowledge they are choosing to pass on the offer and miss out on the benefits.

Very different psychology at play here.

All of my testing data… both internally and with clients… shows you will get a much higher “take rate” with your bump offer on your order forms if it requires prospects to uncheck the box to deny the offer, rather than check the box to accept the offer.

And, when done with a trial offer… which doesn’t require any additional money from the prospect today… your take rate will go even higher.

Couple it with a continuity offer… like what was used in the funnel I dissected in the Blueprint Report… and that one bump offer can radically change the front-end economics of your marketing funnel (and business)!

Powerful, powerful stuff.

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