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  • AT LAST! A way to reap massive financial rewards by simply “teaching your stuff”… without requiring any of the common hype or sneaky salesmanship! (You’ll never feel uncomfortable presenting your message ever again! And you’ll outsell even the the most skilled salespeople.)
  • How to create insane desire for your product... before you even mention one word about it!
  • The one unique offer structure that automatically flips a psychological switch in your prospects... driving them to buy your product immediately!
  • The power of the Missing List... and how it practically forces prospects to buy your product for sheer psychological relief alone! (This one technique has more than doubled the sales conversions of five different marketing funnels)
  • How to ensure your marketing message implants everything your prospects need to believe so they buy today! (If your current marketing doesn't establish all of these 'necessary buying beliefs', you'll be stuck having to hardsell your product! Yuck!)
  • The Gerry Spence Method Of Conviction - and how it proves to prospects that your product is the single best investment they can make today!
  • A step-by-step breakdown of the most powerful non-selling method on the planet - P.S.E.B.M. Messaging! (I guarantee this will generate more sales for you than any other marketing method you've ever tried!)
  • The secret way to use pure educational content to pre-condition prospects in advance to immediately purchase your product when you offer it!
  • AMAZING! 5 little statements that slip into your prospects psyche and forces their brain to trigger chemicals that get them eager to buy and use your product!
  • What to say (and what not to say) to give prospects a "sense of freedom of choice" when offering your product so they don't ever feel like they're being sold!
  • How to create massive advanced demand for any new product... before it's even been created or for sale!
  • The Criteria Formula - it instantly shows prospects why your product is far superior to every other option available to them!
  • How to present and frame your product so prospects see it as a need... and essential... as well as something they desperately want!
  • The one thing I learned from Michael Cage about hosting free webinars that guarantees your product sells like hotcakes - every time - guaranteed!
  • Exactly what to say when going from your educational content to the introduction of your product or service that gets prospects ready to buy! (With this one sentence you'll never be nervous again about screwing up the transition into your offer.)
  • How to ensure your marketing message doesn't cause the "Non-SEO Google Slap"! It could be the one cause of why you're not selling nearly as much as you could be. You'll find out on during the live boot camp.
  • How to maintain a great relationship with prospects through all of your marketing by ensuring they never feel like they're being sold to or think of you like a shady salesman!
  • The Hypnotists Trick for getting prospects to believe everything you say you about your product!
  • How to outsell even the dirtiest of marketers without ever using even one single high-pressure, unethical sales tactic!
  • One easy fix that will take your worst performing webinar and turn into the greatest money-making asset you have!
  • How to use Identity Architecture so prospects intimately feel what it's like to benefit from your product... and makes the idea of buying an absolute thrill for them!
  • How to use your biggest product flaw to create even more credibility and sales of your product!
  • The 3-Step Directors Formula that takes your product and demonstrates why it's far better than anything your competitors are offering! (Your prospects will thank you for sharing this with them!)
  • The "Pre-Started-Package Webinar Technique"" that eliminates what prospects see as the most difficult part of getting started with your product or service! (It leverages a part of the brain that drive sales through the proven desire for completion!)
  • How to secretly implant in prospects' minds exactly what you want them to think and feel about your product!
  • SIMPLE! Little nonchalant comments you can use anywhere that flood prospects with a near uncontrollable hunger for your next product!
  • The one thing I learned from Ted Thomas about, sharing your information, that has created more millionaire platform presenters than anything else I've ever encountered! (Last year I proved for over a half a dozen clients it works just as well, if not better, on webinars, teleseminars, and in video sales letters!)
  • ...and much, MUCH MORE


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