How to use a third party tracking service to boost your sales

Numbers, numbers, numbers. You MUST know your numbers. You must know how many are clicking, what they are clicking on, and which clicks lead to sales.

People ask me all the time, “Can I just use the conversion pixel on Facebook, and can I use the opt-in numbers in Infusionsoft?” One of the worst things you can do in this process, in terms of collecting your data, is confusing the data from different applications.

That’s because you are dealing with a pixel from Facebook and a pixel from another application. Sometimes one pixel gets fired before the other and then someone bounces. It confuses your data and doesn’t help you make good decisions.

The way to solve this is to put all your tracking under one umbrella: use a third party tracking service.

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There are dozens of them that you could use, and I’ve tried them all! But let’s take Hyper Tracker for example.

You create a link in Hyper Tracker and give it a name, something like Facebook ad #1, and tell it where to send the traffic (such as the URL for your optin page).

Hyper Tracker gives you two little pieces of code. One for the VSL, and one on the thank you page after they buy. This is the simplest way to do it. And you’ll never need to put code on those pages again.

Now, any time you run a new ad in Facebook, simply go to Hyper Tracker, create a new link in 10 seconds, give it a new name such as Facebook ad #2, and send it to the exact same URL you were sending it to before.

When you create the ad, use the Hyper Tracker link for people to click on.

Log into Hyper Tracker, and you can see everything going on for every ad. One pixel tracks everything from beginning to end. You’ll see clicks, optins, sales, average sales, dollar amount, ROI, total costs, and everything else.

When you look at the website conversions inside of Facebook, use that as a way to improve the audience that Facebook serves your ads to. And use the third-party tracker as the single application for tracking everything in your campaign.


Do you see how this simplifies your data collection? NOW you can make decisions on how to optimize and grow your sales.

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