How to turn your time into money – Part 2/2

In yesterday’s post about growing your company, I challenged you to get out of the mindset that you don’t have enough money to hire people to help you and do the activities for which you are least suited. Today, as we continue this conversation, we’ll go to the next step…

…Now I am NOT saying that simply building a team is going to cause growth necessarily, because what’s actually going to cause growth is more marketing and selling, and more opportunities to bring your value to the marketplace.

While you’re generating sales, new customers, and back-end products, the thing that takes the chains off the rocket and allows it to take off, is your ability to use leverage. Especially your time.

Begin to take things off your plate that you don’t like and that you’re probably not that good at. The things that impact your creativity and your thinking, and that take time away from your marketing and selling activities, and product creation (which is related to marketing and selling). You will become addicted to it!

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Not only does your life get better because your time is being occupied by things that you enjoy – not things that you don’t like doing – but the things that you didn’t like end up getting done better because the person doing them actually enjoys doing them, and is skilled in those areas.

It frees up your time to focus on marketing and selling, so your business grows.

Be very careful that you are not buying into the wrong side of the “chicken or the egg” argument. The whole idea that “I’m not making enough money to leverage a team. My company isn’t big enough to have a team”, or “When I make money and have more customers and have more stability, then I will begin to leverage my time and take these things off my task list.”

That is the reverse of the way you should be thinking about it.

In fact, if you are unsure that what I am saying is spot-on for your situation, simply begin to plot out your time on a daily basis and explain how you are spending your time, and on what types of tasks.

Highlight the ones that are money generating. Then highlight with a different color, the ones that aren’t. Look and see what percentage of your time is being taken up by the non-money-generating activities. Also look at how much total time.

Look at what it would cost you to have somebody else do those tasks and how much money you could make if you had that time to use toward marketing. Even if it’s five hours a week.

That is 20 hours over the course of a month that you could be doing in marketing and selling. You could be writing and editing VSLs, writing a sales letter and publishing it… There are a lot of things that you could be doing.

So what would it cost you to have someone take care of that 20 hours’ worth of tasks? Even if it cost you $20 an hour, which is on the high side, that is only $400 for the month.

What are those 20 hours worth to you? What kind of money could you make in that time? Not just in one month, but ongoing? Look at the rest of the months of the year. Is it worth more to you than $400?

I hope these articles spur you on to consider what you need to do to scale up your business the most efficient way.

It’s your turn! Where do you THINK you spend most of your time? What percentage? Please share in the comments below!


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