How To Scale Your Marketing Funnel Like A Pro! (Part 5 of 5)

Okay, let’s put a bow on this baby. It’s time to wrap up our series on the E5 Funnel Architecting Framework.

As a recap, here are the first four stages:

Stage #1: Examine

Stage #2: Engineer

Stage #3: Evaluate

Stage #4: Enhance

Now, let’s talk about our final stage…

The easiest of all stages.

The stage where the game changes.

The stage where our focus shifts from marketing… to… scale.

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Stage #5: Expand

As soon as your new funnel is bringing you a return on investment (ROI) of break-even or better (profitable), we enter the final stage of the E5 Funnel Architecting Framework.

This is a unique stage because it’s the only point in our framework where your funnel remains in two stages simultaneously.

We’ll continue to work on enhancing the funnel through our optimization efforts (e.g. A/B testing). Stage #4 stuff. And, we’ll begin to “expand” the reach of your funnel for Stage #5.

Here your objective is to drive more and more traffic to your new funnel. We do this with an on-going process of expand & evaluate, expand & evaluate, expand & evaluate, and so on.

We start by expanding your daily traffic budget.

I use the word “budget” loosely here, since the traditional idea of a “budget” should have no place in our thinking as direct response marketers.

If we’re generating $1 in sales for every $1 we put into traffic, having a budget — an arbitrary cap on what we can invest in traffic — makes absolutely zero financial sense.

Instead, our thinking should be the complete opposite. We should be thinking about investing more and more everyday.

Once we’ve expanded our daily “budget” — which we typically do by doubling the prior day’s budget — we then evaluate the results.

Are we still at break-even or better?

If so, we go through another cycle of expand & evaluate.

Are we still at break-even or better? 

Then expand & evaluate again. And so on.

Our goal? To invest the most amount possible into our traffic.

We do this by expanding our budget within each individual traffic channel. And by expanding the number of traffic channels we’re using.

When we do… what’s the end result for you??

You’ve reached a point, as a marketer, that few ever do…

You now have a scalable and reliable marketing machine bringing you more and more leads, new customers, and sales every single day.

Kudos. Celebrate it.

Then what?

You begin working on the next funnel.

Where? At Stage #1 of the E5 Funnel Architecting Framework.

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