How to maximize your back end with a JV launch, when your prospects buy from your partner

If you are missing these two simple steps at the end of your JV partner’s launch, you could be missing out on more money down the road.

Here’s the scenario. You agree to help a partner with their launch. It seems like a good fit with your audience. You start sending some email messages to your house list, which includes both your customers and your prospects.

Step 1: At the conclusion of the launch, you should ask your partner for the customer list. That is, all of the leads YOU sent, who purchased the product.

Then should go into your email provider and tag those people. Some of them may be your customers, and some of them may be your prospects (people on your list who haven’t bought anything from you yet).

Just because they aren’t a customer of yours yet doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be viewed as a buyer. Remember that when someone pulls out their wallet once, they are much more likely to pull it out again, even – or perhaps especially – to solve the same or a similar problem.

And if you are going all out to generate leads for a partner’s promotion by buying paid traffic, you really want to make sure you get the customer list when all is said and done.

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Step 2: In addition, let’s say you are driving paid traffic, as well as your house list, to your partner’s optin page for a webinar. Your picture is on the page, along with their picture.

Of course you want the customer list AND the lead list (those who opted into the webinar). It’s possible that a quarter of the customers come from your paid traffic. If you don’t get the list, you have no idea, and you don’t have them in your database at all.

This way you get two benefits.

First, you get the commissions from whatever product you feel strongly about promoting.

Second, you get a list of new prospects – from your paid advertising – that you can now monetize fully yourself.

Here’s a detail about what to do with those names once you import the list: I wouldn’t assign revenue to them but I would give them a tag that says they bought an affiliate product, and the name of the product. For example: “affiliate buyer – product x”.

And of course, you should always tag your customers. They deserve special treatment as a reward for putting their trust in you.

Most marketers don’t do this at all. They usually just promote somebody else’s product and then they get paid commissions and that’s it. They are not leveraging all that time, effort, and money.

But now you are a savvy marketer. You know you can leverage the campaign to earn commissions, generate usable leads, and get data on buyers.

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