How to get all-stars on your team

The following excerpt is from a coaching call I had with our highest-level private clients last summer when we first started hiring a slew of new employees. Because we are still looking to hire new amazing people, it seems like a great time to share my thoughts on this subject with you.


…When it comes to growing your business, you should always be recruiting.

For instance, when I wanted to get a director of business development for MFA, I picked out who I wanted. If I could choose anyone it would be this person. Then I went after him to figure out what it would take to get him to come aboard.

Did I have to pay him more than what he would typically get? I don’t know if I had to do that, but I chose to because of the value that he brings to the team.

So you should always be recruiting. Proactively, intentionally looking for all-stars to add to your team.

You know, we always have people reaching out to us every month, inquiring about working for us. I told our Chief Operations Officer, Damian, that I will always make room for an all-star.

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We may not be on the hunt for someone to do “X”, but if an all-star comes our way, or I see an all-star and I think it would be phenomenal to have that individual on our team, then I’m going to figure out how to make that work.

For instance, many years ago when I was President of Strategic Profits, I knew we had an interview with Tom Beal coming up. Before Tom got there, I said to Rich, “Hire him. This interview is great and all, but just go ahead and hire him. He’s got connections, he’s got experience, he’s worked with Mike, and he’s a smart guy. Hire him. Figure out how to make it work.”

And let’s also say that there are individuals who are hired for a particular position, and they aren’t able to shine in that position. But if they have skills and abilities that would be valuable in other areas, I have always said, “Let’s move them to another area. Find a place for them.”

So always be recruiting. It’s not just hiring. It’s recruiting. There’s a big difference.

Be proactive, not reactive

Typically, for most companies, hiring is very reactive. They realize they need someone right now.

Whereas, recruiting is more about being proactive and intentional, and constantly on the lookout.

I think of it like a professional sports team that is constantly looking for other players, where, if they added those other players they would definitely improve the team.

Many years ago I learned that the quality of your team will vastly impact your outcome.


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How to keep your great team!

So you want to look for the best, and you want to pay them well, and you want to take care of them, and you want to organize great things to keep them.

So for instance, we’re planning a retreat for our team in a gargantuan mansion in Tennessee, with an arcade and bowling and all sorts of fun stuff.

When you get good people you keep them; you pay them well; and you take care of them; and your life will change.

Because this will allow you to focus on marketing and money-making activities within your company, while the other things are being taken care of by people who are excited about them and are good at them.

This is how your company will flourish and grow.


It’s your turn! Are you always looking for great people to add to your team? Where do you find them? Please share in the comments below!



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