Find yourself a whole new market

During one of our coaching calls, one of my clients was struggling to figure out who else might be interested in her message and product. She felt like she had already tried the obvious choices, and she wanted to know where else she could try. Her niche is about how to have more intimacy with your partner.

Here are both her question, and the answer I gave her:

Client: Do you have any other suggestions, something I could advertise, other intimacy and sexuality sites to recommend? Maybe I could try relationship coaching sites. Even someone like Psychology Today Magazine.

As we have talked about in the past, you could potentially try romance sites, that sort of thing, creating a little back door.

And you know, there is something else to consider.

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Remember the top three most important elements in direct response: list, offer, copy. Think first about who are you talking to, then consider what you offer them, and then what copy you will write to make the offer.

What most marketers do is they have a product and in their mind they have a marketing message, the sales pitch. They ask themselves, “All right, what is the right list that this product would resonate with? What’s the right list of people that this message would resonate with?”

That’s definitely one way to do it. It’s a good way; it’s even part of the way we do it.

Your current message, your current approach, appeals to a certain group of individuals.

Find a new message-to-market match

Another way to approach it is to be creative and say, “All right, here is a group of individuals that my current message might not resonate with. How can I take this message and match it to this market so that it will resonate with them?” Just for a moment, let’s look at an extreme example.

It is totally possible that you could go to a right-wing conservative Christian group and present them with a message that matches their frame. Do you see what I’m saying? You could present a message like this: “Here’s how to get more intimacy in your Godly relationship.”

Be careful not to put yourself into a small box simply by taking your existing message, the one that you already have, and figuring out where that message would fit.

Don’t forget to look at different markets and wonder, “How can I best present a message to that new market?”

In other words, if I were to present something to a group of Infusionsoft users, it would be very different from me presenting it to a room full of entrepreneurs. Just because one of my existing messages might not resonate with the Infusionsoft market, doesn’t mean that it’s still not a place that I can tap into. It just means that I need to figure out what I need to say to tap into them.

Ultimately here’s the reality: if Infusionsoft was going to do a mailing for me to their customer base, you’d better believe that I would create a different message for that audience!

You always want to be looking for opportunities like this.

Your reality is that what you’re teaching is how to have better sex, how to have more intimacy in your relationship, how to develop a better, tighter bond with your partner, how to experience new heights of enjoyment and pleasure with your partner.

Now that I think about it, who isn’t your market?

It’s all about how you present your message and to whom. Find the hook that will be most meaningful to that group of people, and now you’ve got yourself a whole new market.



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