Are You Filling Your Marketing With Fake Value?

Salesmanship 101 teaches us that at the root of every transaction is the exchange of value. That’s why a compelling offer must always include a substantial value proposition. The problem arises, though, when marketers build their offers around the illusion or perception of value… instead of real, true value.

Marketing value

As a young entrepreneur, I spent countless hours brainstorming ways to boost the perceived value of my products in my marketing.

I thought one of my jobs, as a direct response marketer, was to make my offers appear more valuable. So, I would add bonuses, premiums, workbooks, transcripts, anything I could, to add more bulk, “padding”, and the sense of greater value. And then one day it hit me.

There’s a massive difference between the perception of value and real value. In other words, adding the appearance of value to an offer is not the same as making the offer truly more valuable.

More bulk… more bonuses… more consumption options (i.e. audio, video, transcript)… may add more deliverables for the client/customer. And, may allow you to charge more for your product. But, the simple addition of those things doesn’t necessarily make your offer of real, true greater value to your clients/customers.

So, what *does* make an offer truly more valuable for clients/customers?

Well, anything that truly helps your clients/customers get more of the benefits they desire…. quicker and easier… and experience greater “success” with your product… that’s what adds real value.

You see, making your offers simply appear more valuable, without the backing of real value, may make your advertising and marketing more effective in the short-run. But, in the long-run your company will suffer as clients/customers don’t experience the results from your product they thought they would.

For many entrepreneurs this requires a shift in thinking.

Instead of thinking about how you can make your products and offers appear more valuable, invest your time thinking about what you can do or provide to deliver better, quicker, easier results.

Stop thinking about what you could do or say to make your stuff simply have the appearance of greater value. And instead, give greater value. Make your stuff truly more valuable by giving more of what your customers/clients really need to achieve the results they’re after. That’s what you should be thinking about.

Question: What techniques or strategies do you have for your business to come up with truly valuable ideas for customers? You can leave a comment by clicking here.


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