Crazy Gorilla Demonstrates Proof In Marketing

For every claim or promise you present throughout your marketing, you need to provide a minimum of one proof element. Often, more. There are at least 11 different proof elements you can use. One of the more powerful is the Dramatic Demonstration.

The entire commercial from American Tourister is really built around one dramatic demonstration. Instead of just making claims about the resilience of their luggage, they provide a demonstration of just how tough it is… and the punishment it can take.

It’s the demonstration that provides the proof of the durability of the American Tourister luggage. But, it doesn’t just stop there…

A dramatic demonstration is not only a proof element… it’s a proof element that goes well beyond the need or intended experience of the prospect.

In this case, no prospect of American Tourister is likely going to subject their luggage to the abuses of a crazed gorilla. So, the dramatic demonstration, in this case, leads the typical prospect to say to themselves, “If it can withstand the beating of a gorilla, there’s no way it will breakdown, rip, or fall-apart with me!” And, creating that mindset in your prospect is key.

Sidenote: It’s similar to the mindset we create with the use of Dramatic Testimonials – client/customer testimonials where the before portion of their story is far below or worse than where your typical prospect is at right now.

When a prospect reads the testimonial or case study of a user of your product/service, and sees that they started off far worse than where the prospect is at, it creates the thought-process of, “Wow, if they can do it… starting where they did… I can certainly do it.” Which, obviously, leads to an increase in confidence that they can experience the promised benefits.

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