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The Unpublished Persuasion Device for Marketers

I wouldn’t say it was a secret conversation. But, it was certainly a private conversation. It was a call between my friend, Rich Schefren, and one of the foremost experts on the topic of persuasion and influence in marketing.  Let’s call him Rodney. That’s not his name but close. Rodney is the author of one […]

How understanding your competitors helps you clarify your market (Part 1 of 3)

An incredibly important part of your funnel – that you just simply have to get right – is understanding marketplace sophistication. Without this understanding, you won’t be able to captivate and engage your prospects, and you won’t be able to turn them into paying customers. Below is a transcript of a conversation I had with […]

How To Scale Your Marketing Funnel Like A Pro! (Part 5 of 5)

Okay, let’s put a bow on this baby. It’s time to wrap up our series on the E5 Funnel Architecting Framework. As a recap, here are the first four stages: Stage #1: Examine Stage #2: Engineer Stage #3: Evaluate Stage #4: Enhance Now, let’s talk about our final stage… The easiest of all stages. The […]

The Secret Of The Minimum Viable Funnel (MVF) (Part 3 of 5)

Today we continue with our five-part series on the E5 Funnel Architecting Framework. By this point you should have at least a basic level of understanding of the first two stages of E5: (1) Examine and (2)Engineer. In our third stage, we put your new funnel to the test. Our objective? To quickly confirm — with as […]

Oh NO! The “Marketing Funnel Google Slap”, Now?

You’ve heard of the Google Slap, right? That’s where Google boots advertisers out of their Adwords system for doing something Google deems “bad”. But, what about the other Google Slap? The Google Slap that regularly happens to marketers with a VSL or sales letter? Want Your Own ProfitableMarketing Funnel? Still struggling to create your first […]

9 Ways to Track Website Conversions

When I go out hunting, I bring only a camera; no gun. I’m just looking for some evidence of wild creatures in the woods, so I can go “oooh!” and “ahhh!”, and show off some great pics! People who really know what they are doing know how to look for signs of the presence of […]

Are you leaving money on the table?

What if there were no way to track your conversions? Would you know what is working – or not working – on your website or landing page? Would you know if your chosen search terms are sending you visitors? Would you know if your ads are sending you customers? Would you know if you are […]

Show your customers the wrong offer and you may lose them!

Do you realize how important it is to segregate your email list based on whether or not someone is a customer or a prospect? The offers you show them on the back end make a huge difference in what kind of response you get. Don’t make customers the wrong backend offer, or you might lose […]

How to get people to show up on your webinar – Curiosity

The moving trucks and mini-vans clog the streets of Boston, and many other cities, at this time of year. You can tell exactly what is going on: College student move-in time! Usually accompanied by parents who take turns standing watch over the piles of stuff, while either the student or the other parent goes off […]

The Secret To Compelling “Call To Action” Copy

Click here.Go there.Do this. When it comes to the copy marketers use for their call to actions (i.e. buttons, links, etc.) throughout their marketing funnels, often the wrong action gets amplified. “Download your PDF”, “Watch the video”, “Grab your Cheat Sheet” — these are examples of what I call, “Feature-Focused Calls To Action.” They’re CTA’s […]

[Part 2] – Great Upsell Offers Meet These 4 Criteria

Yesterday, in Part #1, we began our series on the 4 criteria/objectives of great upsell offers by talking about how: 1 – Great upsell offers increase your average order size 2 – Great upsell offers increase the speed of customer indoctrination Today, we’re going to talk about the next objective… ——— Recommended Links ——— ———————————————– Objective […]

[Part 1] – Great Upsell Offers Meet These 4 Criteria

When engineering add-on/upsell offers, average marketers only consider one objective – increasing average order size. Savvy marketers, on the other hand, create their add-on/upsell offers — especially for front-end marketing funnels — with three additional objectives in mind. Increasing average order size is obvious. At the foundation of every add-on/upsell offer used in a marketing […]

3 “New” Cool Sales Conversion Tactics

Looking for a couple of new ways to add a nice little boost to your marketing funnel conversions? Give these three “new” conversion tactics a test: #1. Animated GIF Image in Email Dozens of tests have shown that including a clickable image in your email messages increases clicks. Especially when the image is an action screenshot […]

This “Great” Sales Page Template DROPPED Conversions by over 70% (Yikes!)

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in more than a decade marketing online it’s this… Every recommendation you hear or get about something that’s “killing it” in terms of conversions… you need to test and prove for yourself. In your own niche. With your own funnel. For your own product. I recently got some info […]

This Order Form “Bump Offer” Works Best (weird psychology)

I recommend you add this to your funnel today. Just like I describe below. In this month’s Marketing Funnels Uncensored Blueprint Report, I dissected and broke-down all the steps of the marketing funnel behind one of the most popular online training programs of 2012-2013. There were about a dozen and half savvy tactics used throughout […]

BEFORE and AFTER: Transforming Boring Marketing Into Compelling Copy

Below is a little example of what I did to improve one client’s sales letter copy for a direct mail campaign. The same process and methods can be used for any sales letter, email, webinar, teleseminar, or VSL script. Question: What do you think about the second version? Leave a comment by clicking here.

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