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Online Entrepreneurs And The Skimpy Shorts Phenomena

I’m shocked at what some parents allow their early teenage daughters to do. With two young daughters of my own (Samantha, 11 and Gabriella, 9), it upsets me to hear the perspective some parents take with their parental decisions and choices. Oddly enough, it’s this same perspective that holds back many entrepreneurs.   Call me […]

19 Keys To Being A Leader In Your Online Business

I’ve been told this is one of the most accurate explorations of what it takes – in the real world – to be a leader in your online business. You won’t hear any fluff or theory. Based on over 12 years of in-the-trenches management, leading a team of over 72 employees, and growing our annual […]

Avoid These 3 Joint Ventures In Your Business

Joint ventures can give your business tremendous leverage. They can give you valuable access to other entrepreneurs’ tribes. Give you instant trust and credibility. And, provide one of the fastest ways of growing your customer-base with little risk. However, some joint ventures should be completely avoided and never make their way into your marketing. The […]

Why Your Squeeze Page Is Really A Sales Page

For most online marketers, the opt-in page (commonly referred to as a squeeze-page) serves as the entry point of their marketing funnel for interested prospects. And, while most marketers have been taught the concept of offering some type of “lead magnet” as an ethical bribe to generate the opt-in, far too many entrepreneurs miss the […]

Are You Filling Your Marketing With Fake Value?

Salesmanship 101 teaches us that at the root of every transaction is the exchange of value. That’s why a compelling offer must always include a substantial value proposition. The problem arises, though, when marketers build their offers around the illusion or perception of value… instead of real, true value. As a young entrepreneur, I spent […]

Crazy Gorilla Demonstrates Proof In Marketing

For every claim or promise you present throughout your marketing, you need to provide a minimum of one proof element. Often, more. There are at least 11 different proof elements you can use. One of the more powerful is the Dramatic Demonstration. The entire commercial from American Tourister is really built around one dramatic demonstration. […]

What’s Your Product’s Unique Mechanism?

In a previous blog post I shared a video excerpt about the necessity of understanding Market Sophistication before creating any marketing funnel. As a quick recap: prospects evolve as marketing and advertising messages progress. As prospects see and hear bigger and bigger claims and promises from marketers, they become more “sophisticated” and less inclined to […]

Ridiculous Internet Marketing Behavior

Okay, so it’s time for a little rant. As someone who teaches and coaches online marketers how to create profitable marketing funnels, it saddens and irritates the heck out of me to see marketers being sucked into the lie of 1-click marketing funnel themes, plugins, and software. Between the cost of media today, the level […]

More Marketers Fail For This Reason Than Any Other

  Despite what many marketers have been led to believe, the biggest reason for failure and struggle online is NOT due to a lack of marketing know-how, missing technology components, outdated tactical marketing methods, or a misunderstanding of sound marketing strategy. Sure, in many cases one or more of those things certainly contribute to a […]

The Difference Between Average And Extraordinary Online Marketers

Living in South Florida, I’ve been fortunate and blessed to be part of dozens of informal, impromptu “mastermind meetings” and business discussions with some extremely sharp and shrewd marketers and entrepreneurs. I’m talking about sharing and getting marketing and business-building ideas with folks like: Michael Masterson, Rich Schefren, Tom Beal, Clayton Makepeace, Alex Jeffreys, Don […]

The Marketing Funnel – Understanding Market Sophistication

To create a wildly-profitable marketing funnel, you must… MUST… start by understanding your market’s level of sophistication. It starts by assessing what they’ve seen before in the way of advertisements, marketing, and offers. This video demonstrates how to assess your market’s level of sophistication. You can watch the entire training here.

Segmenting Prospects By Interests Via Email

Profitable marketing is all about delivering the right message to the right prospect at the right time. And, the more targeted your marketing message is to your prospects needs and desires, the greater your conversion rate will be. This is why segmenting your prospects via “interests” can be such a valuable activity for any marketer.  […]

The Simple Question That Can Double Your Sales Funnel Conversions

I want you to ask yourself the following question the next time you sit down to brainstorm or strategize your next marketing campaign, sales funnel, or offer: “What do my prospects already know?” For example: What do they already know about their problem or situation? What do they already know about the solutions being offered […]

3 Questions Every Sales Funnel Must Answer To Make The Sale

Regardless of how intricate your sales funnel is… what medium you use to communicate with prospects… what your product or service is… or how high or low your price-point is… you need to make sure you clearly answer three questions for your prospects by the end your funnel. Not answering these three questions will leave […]

Pluralizing The Verb In Your Sales Funnel

It’s truly amazing how one single letter in your headline or copy can completely alter the success of your sales funnel. Let me give you one example of how one letter… accidentally put into a headline… bumped response by about 300%. Years ago, there was an advertisement selling cassette tapes. The headline of the ad […]

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