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Marketing so well that selling becomes unnecessary – MFA Live 2015

“Never underestimate the task at hand when it comes to moving prospects to buy. It takes extreme, extraordinary measures to compel people to act.” ~Todd Brown Wow! MFA’s first-ever large-scale live event was a total success last week! MFA Live 2015 had attendees fly in from around the world. They came from South Africa and […]

This is how you get prospects to believe in your Big Idea

You’ve heard it before: use emotional triggers in your copy in order to get your prospects to want to buy from you. But it’s not easy to focus on just ONE emotion. And that emotion must support the ONE Big Idea at the core of your marketing message. Through using this one idea and this […]

Use this conversion trifecta to increase sales

Do you remember when you were in school, and you missed a few days in a row? Maybe you were sick, or you attended a special family gathering. When you got back to school and went from class to class, you began to feel panic rising in your stomach as you went through your day. […]

Bonuses that “Wow!” your fans

You want to “wow!” your customers, right? You want to make sure that they are amazed at what you offer them, to help them find solutions to their problems? Of course you do! After all, if you provide them with a “wow!” experience, not only is it great for them, but it’s great for you. […]

Time crunch: Do you do the urgent or the important?

You can hear the virtual clock ticking. Even if you no longer have a face-clock sitting on your desk or wall, second hand moving visibly through the day, you can still feel it. It’s almost like there is a ticking in your head. Or in your gut. Time is passing… What have you accomplished today? […]

The 5 levels of prospect awareness and why you MUST know them!

How well do you really know your ideal prospects and their biggest problem? Are they even aware of the problem that they need to have solved? If they know about the problem, do they know that there is a solution? And if they know that there is a solution “out there”, do they know that YOU […]

What do your prospects REALLY want?

“Thanks so much for subscribing to our website! I want to help you be as successful as possible. To help me know how to help you, please reply to this email and tell me what your biggest struggle is. I can’t promise to reply to every email I receive, but I sure do read every […]

Top 14 WordPress Tools to Boost Your Conversions – part 2

In our previous post, we helped you make your site look better, and increased engagement with your visitors so that you can make more money. Today, let’s look at some tools that will make sure your readers keep coming back, make things easier for you on the back end, and help you do some split-tests […]

Top 14 WordPress Tools to Boost Your Conversions – part 1

Some people are tech wizards. Seriously. Everything they touch seems easy to fix, and the next thing you know, it looks beautiful too. And then there are the rest of us. We get just far enough along to understand the basics, but we really need some help to go further than that. This post is […]

Webinar attendance? It’s all about the Big Opportunity

“Your next big opportunity might just show up in your email inbox.” That is what you want your prospect to imagine. When you let people know that you are doing a webinar where you are going to share some incredibly valuable information that could change their lives, and they raise their hand and say, “Hey, […]

Getting people to show up on your webinar using 5 key factors

When you invite someone to a party, they usually decide to show up for at least one of several reasons: they already know you, and know what to expect at a party you host they are interested in meeting some of the people who will be at the party they are just looking for a […]

Features vs. benefits: Start with your prospect’s biggest problem

The most common mistake marketers make – which leads to your prospect not understanding, and then leaving your page – is confusing the difference between features and benefits. Remember that “a confused mind does not buy”, and if your prospect doesn’t understand what’s in it for them, then you are both missing out. Features are […]

The “Other Pareto Principle” (about marketing ideas)

According to Vilfredo Pareto — the Italian sociologist known for his 80/20 principle — marketers are either one of two types of thinkers… These types, which he wrote about in French in his famous book, Mind and Society, are: rentier and speculator. Which one you decide to be impacts your ability to come up with […]

Deep Marketing Funnel Insights from Todd Brown

What you’ll find below is the recording of a Google Hangout with Todd Brown and Mark Thompson (Founder of DigitalKickstart)… where Todd shares some intense insights with Mark’s audience about engineering and optimizing profitable online marketing funnels.  (Please note: This Hangout was a pre-training for a live webinar the following day. So ignore all references […]

If only I did this for my business years ago…

I can kick myself today about it… For the first handful of years trying to build my online business there was one part of my mindset that held me back BIG TIME. I didn’t really see it then… But, I totally see it today. It was the way I viewed paid traffic. Or, more accurately, […]

2 Elements Of A Powerful Marketing Funnel HOOK

Believe it or not… They key to creating a compelling HOOK for your marketing funnel lies in just two things Aristotle taught many moons ago. He said these two things are at the foundation of all persuasive messages. Ironically, one of these things are almost always left out of the majority of online marketing funnels. […]

Seth Rogen (Actor) Teaches Great Marketing Lesson

He took his mom on a cross-country sales trip trying to get his new product into big retail chains. But, he couldn’t make a single sale to save his life. Until he did one thing different. Then, he got the Home Shopping Network to want his product. Seth Rogen played the son. And Barbara Streisand […]

The Simple List Segmentation Hack That Jacks-Up Email Response

In my opinion, Andre Chaperon is the best email marketer around. His open rates, click-thru rates, and sales conversion rates are… frankly… startling. And that’s why he’s able to generate tens of thousands of dollars from a just a few emails. And, do it over and over month after month. Last week, while I was […]

Some Big Takeaways From The Titans Of Direct Response Event

Yesterday I held a special live coaching call for my private MFA Coaching and Mentor To A Million Clients to share some of the key takeaways from the recent Titans of Direct Response event. Below is the audio recording from the first hour of that call. (The recording is just about 60 minutes. And I […]

The Prosecutor’s Method of Marketing Funnel Construction

“How do I know what things to say and in what order to say them in my marketing funnel?” It’s a question I’m asked at least once a week. And, while I can’t give you specifics, since each niche, market, product, service, etc., is different, I can tell you a simple way to think about […]

To Scale A Marketing Funnel You Must Get Rid Of…

Bankable, consistent and reliable results… …that’s what you want from your marketing funnel, right? Of course you do. That’s one of the beauties of having an automated “evergreen” marketing funnel. Yet, there’s one mistake… a MAJOR MISTAKE… that lots of marketers make with their funnels that makes scaling them up with more and more traffic… […]

Ask This Question In Every Email Follow-Up Sequence

It’s one of my favorite “email copywriting” techniques. It will sound like hocus-pocus nonsense. But it’s not. It comes from the branch of linguistics known as Pragmatics. And it’s super-slick (and powerful) because of how effective it is at conveying the most compelling benefits of your product or service to prospects… without actually coming out […]

John Oliver Talks Native Advertising on HBO

This is both entertaining and valuable for all online marketers. Because it demonstrates how your prospects perceive and interact with native advertisements… as well as their perceived experience with online banners. *Note: There’s a really revealing statistic about banner advertising shared at the 2 minute and 38 second mark. Extremely eye-opening. [x_video_embed no_container=”true”]  [/x_video_embed] What […]

Deep Marketing Funnel Insights from Todd Brown

What you’ll find below is the recording of a Google Hangout with Todd Brown and Mark Thompson (Founder of DigitalKickstart)… where Todd shares some intense insights with Mark’s audience about engineering and optimizing profitable online marketing funnels.  (Please note: This Hangout was a pre-training for a live webinar the following day. So ignore all references […]

Survey Funnels, The Barnum Effect, Segmentation, And More!

So, I just hopped off a little Skype session with Ryan Levesque. This dude has created one of the most effective survey-based marketing funnel systems I’ve ever seen. I wanted to ask Ryan a couple of questions about using surveys in a marketing funnel, and it turned in to a 24-minute mini-training session. Here’s just […]

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