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It has to be over the top, or it won’t work

On the white board on the wall to the left of my computer, it says FOCUS ON CRAFTING KILLER OFFERS. What makes for a killer offer? First, it should be brief and straightforward. After your prospect has finally decided to buy your first, tripwire offer, you don’t want to spend a lot of time on […]

How to convert like crazy

Social proof. Everyone knows that you have to have it if you want to convert like crazy. And let’s say you have a client who just loves working with you. They even write a great 3-paragraph testimonial that totally knocks it out of the park, and you just know it will help to convert new […]

The story of Theo and Isaac. One Made it, the other…

Editor’s note: Today we welcome MFA Strategist, David Perrera as our guest blogger. On my live Blab! the other night one of our superstar clients, Eddie Coleman, was on with me and asked, “What characteristics do you see among your clients who are really able to turn the corner and consistently enjoy six- and seven-figure […]

Find yourself a whole new market

During one of our coaching calls, one of my clients was struggling to figure out who else might be interested in her message and product. She felt like she had already tried the obvious choices, and she wanted to know where else she could try. Her niche is about how to have more intimacy with […]

Why you might want to give affiliates 300% commission

How much is a lead – or a customer – worth to you? If someone told you that your leads were going to cost you $7 each, you might initially say, “No! That’s way too expensive!” But if you know that, on average, out of every 100 visitors you will get 5 customers who pay […]

How to find your crowd

There’s a lot of marketing, especially in the online world, that is very incestuous. What I mean is, even from lots of savvy entrepreneurs, there is a “herd mentality”. People look at what other marketers are doing and just follow in their footsteps. Everyone leverages the same common sources. Everyone tries to tap into the […]

When you absolutely, positively do NOT want to offer a tripwire

There is a big difference between a marketing campaign on the front end, and a marketing campaign on the back end. That is because there are things you can say to customers that you can’t say to prospects. And there are things you can put in a customer marketing campaign – which is a back […]

Why being a “finisher” will help you be successful

If you really know your topic, you need to share it. So on the one hand, you need to be what I call “prolific”. That means that you need to be constantly creating something new for your customers and prospects. Always writing and creating new material, both education-based marketing (EBM) and new products. Always developing […]

The Direct Marketer’s Method For Content Marketing

In early 2015 I was invited to a mastermind meeting in Chicago. Within minutes of arriving I realized I was the odd man out. I was the only pure direct response marketer sitting around the long, rectangular conference table amongst a group of primarily bloggers and free traffic aficionados. “This should be interesting”, I thought […]

The correct way to create a BUMP!

In this back-and-forth conversation with one of our coaching clients, we are talking about the “free plus shipping” offer that has become popular recently. If you don’t do this right, the whole thing will fall apart! Client: I want to use Facebook ads to send people to an offer for a free DVD (plus shipping). […]

Think of Dinner While Structuring Your Irresistible Offer™

Editor’s note: We are very excited to welcome back guest blogger, Lisa Sasevich! If you want to be paid well for what you do, your offer must motivate people to take action. You want your prospective clients to find your offer so irresistible that they gobble it right up. To create that kind of hunger, […]

To be successful, you MUST bring objectivity to your business

Below is a recording excerpt from one of our high-level coaching sessions. In this excerpt, I share why it is critical to take subjectivity out of your day-to-day business decisions. For instance, if you think you wrote a good article, or a good VSL, who says? I mean, who says it is good? How do […]

The Best Sales Tip I Ever Learned

Starting in my early twenties, I worked at a chain of health clubs in New Jersey. I stayed there for almost thirteen years. Throughout that time, I learned and studied salesmanship under a master salesman. It was there that I first learned about key sales tactics: the art of the takeaway, price anchoring, exclusivity in […]

Turn consequences into conversions

When I was a teenager growing-up on the Jersey Shore in the late 80’s, I’m embarrassed to admit, life was all about three things: Weight training and “getting jacked” Baby oil mixed with iodine for the perfect tan Amping-up my car stereo for the loudest, deepest bass possible Ridiculous. I know. All of it. I […]

THIS is your biggest sales opportunity… (Part 3 of 3)

In the first part of this short series of articles, I talked about why you need to know what your competitors are saying in the market, so you can begin to understand your market’s level of awareness. In the second part of this series, I shared the pyramid for prospect levels of awareness, and why […]

The EASIEST way to convert prospects to paying customers (Part 2 of 3)

I started our conversation about market awareness yesterday when I shared part of a coaching call with our highest-level coaching clients, the “Mentor to a Million” program. I first shared how important it is to understand the message that your competitors are sending to the marketplace. Check out that post here, if you haven’t read […]

The secret to having an extraordinary business and lifestyle

Education-based marketing – or EBM – is the basis for all of our marketing efforts at MFA, and the core of everything I teach my coaching clients. It’s what will put cash in your pocket (and in your bank account!). Below is a transcript of part of a coaching call I did with these high-level action-takers, […]

Think like a prosecutor to turn prospects into customers

In Marketing 101 we learn that it is important to tap into your prospect’s emotions because that is how we make buying decisions. These emotions include fear (financial collapse, poor health, impending doom of some sort), as well as desire (wanting to belong, have greater status). But prospects are more cynical and skeptical today than […]

3 Ways to create a Unique Mechanism (Part 2)

Yesterday you learned a bit about the unique mechanism in marketing The unique piece, part, component, aspect, process, or system within your product or service that delivers the results and fulfills the marketing promise for the prospect. And how – when used properly – it gives your prospect hope. Something to place their faith in. […]

I.O.L.: The Shifty Marketer’s Trick? (Part 1)

It was 1988. Arthur Bach was worth over 750 million dollars – old family money, all inherited. He lived in a palatial, Trump-style apartment on Park Avenue in Manhattan. Required pampering around the clock by white-gloved servants. Refused to go anywhere without being chauffeured in his 1956 Rolls-Royce Touring Limo. And partook of all the […]

Rest in peace, SEO

Guest Post: Dave Perrera, MFA Funnel Strategist “SEO is for suckers”. I’ll never forget the day he said that to me. I had just recently left my company of 10 years, where I had managed over 50 people at one point in time; I was ready to venture out into the world of entrepreneurship. I […]

Create Desire in Your Prospects Without Being Salesy

Editor’s note: Today we are thrilled to begin offering you extra value by introducing you to other great marketers who have new perspectives on how to grow your business and your impact. From us here at MFA, this is one of the best ways we know to make sure you find a formula that works for […]

The Secret Of The Minimum Viable Funnel (MVF) (Part 3 of 5)

Today we continue with our five-part series on the E5 Funnel Architecting Framework. By this point you should have at least a basic level of understanding of the first two stages of E5: (1) Examine and (2)Engineer. In our third stage, we put your new funnel to the test. Our objective? To quickly confirm — with as […]

How To Construct The Perfect Marketing Funnel Message (Part 2 of 5)

Yesterday we discussed Stage #1 of the E5 Funnel Architecting Framework – Examine. You’ll recall: It’s by no means pretty or sexy… But, as I said, Stage #1 is where the magic begins when creating a profitable marketing funnel. Because it’s where we uncover all the necessary insights, details, and hot buttons needed to create a […]

The E5 Funnel Architecting Framework (Part 1 of 5)

Today I want to begin to share with you the most reliable and predictable way I know to engineer a wildly profitable marketing funnel. It’s a process that’s been developed, honed, and darn near perfected over the last 24 months as I’ve personally guided the engineering and release of well-over 370 marketing funnels. Not including my own. With many […]

The Irresistible Marketing Frame

I was recently propositioned by an excessively perky, enthusiastic high school student.  Let’s call her Mindy. Wearing some sort of school club t-shirt, and oozing school spirit, she immediately struck me as one of those kids who will be the next class president. You know what I’m talking about. Nevertheless, she demonstrated a level of sales […]

The “Friendly Nudge”

Try this at the end of your next VSL, sales letter, or series of marketing videos. Some copywriters refer to it as “The Friendly Ultimatum”. I like to call it the “Friendly Nudge”. It’s a method of pushing on-the-fence prospects off the ledge and into action. It’s been used for years. It’s simple to do. And it […]

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