Build your authority – and your business – by NOT making these 4 Facebook mistakes!

Editor’s note: MFA is pleased to introduce you to guest blogger, Luis Congdon.

Luis Congdon

Imagine having an inbox full of messages from potential clients every time you log into Facebook.

Imagine getting hundreds of people to like, share, and comment on just about anything you post on Facebook.

Imagine being in such high demand that you can charge almost any price and people still line up to buy from you.

These scenarios happen when people think of you first when confronted by a problem or obstacle they need to solve.

What gets people to think of you first? You are an authority in your niche. When people have a problem they don’t know how to handle, you – as their #1 authority in that area of their life – are the first person they think of.

In fact, one of the most important aspects of becoming a successful entrepreneur is to become an authority in your niche.

How do you do that though, if people don’t even know you exist?

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Build authority through Facebook – for free

Believe it or not, it’s easy to gain the visibility you currently lack, by encouraging people to be your friends on Facebook.  I don’t mean having them “like” your business page. I mean, be your personal friends.

Because Facebook wants you to pay to play, and won’t show your business page posts to more than a few of your followers for free, in some situations it makes more sense to focus on building your friend list than on getting more followers and “likes” for your business page.

That way you can create value, push out notifications, and build relationships with thousands of Facebook “friends”. For free. All while building your authority and your brand.

I should caution you though: this is all possible only as long as you don’t make these common mistakes that actually cause people to RUN AWAY as fast as they can, before…

…they have a chance to hear about your product or service,

…they have the opportunity to get to know you,

…they have a chance to give you their money.

So before you spend another penny on advertising… and before you create your next marketing campaign… make sure you avoid these mistakes.

Instead, build the right relationships with your prospects and customers through your FREE Facebook profile.

Mistake #1 – Your personal page makes you look like an amateur

Many people are still using the personal profile page they started several years ago, and which hasn’t been updated. This is prime internet real estate! Put it to work for you!

Do a thorough analysis of your personal page. What does it say about you? Would your ideal client feel drawn to your posts and images?

In your “About” section, do you include all the links for your websites? Do you include an easy way for people to contact you outside of Facebook? Do you include a great description of what you do and whom you serve?

Most importantly, does your profile look like someone with whom you would want to do business?

Mistake #2 – You don’t get out much

Most entrepreneurs stay in their own social “cliques” on Facebook. They may be part of a group or two, but don’t engage as much as they should.

Make it your goal to get into as many Facebook groups as possible, that are a good match for your niche.

Engage with people in these groups. Add value to the groups by responding to posts and delivering great content that people can really use.

People will start to notice you and begin to think of you as a leader. And that will open doors to networking with other respected leaders in the same niche, and related niches as well.

Mistake #3 – You’re friends with the wrong people

If you are only friends with your high school and college friends, and close family members, you can’t expect to make a lot of valuable business connections. Start treating Facebook like it’s real life.

Think about this: If you went to a live event and talked to people and created good rapport, you wouldn’t just ignore that person and never talk to them again. You would ask for an email address or phone number or something designed to open up the lines of communication.

Facebook isn’t all that different. If you find that someone in a group is adding value to your life by commentary or discussion, by all means, send that person a message and a friend request.

Don’t just waste time on Facebook, randomly scrolling through your feed. INVEST your time on Facebook by surrounding yourself with people who are influencers, and in communities that will help you grow, both personally and professionally.

Mistake #3 – You’re a consumer instead of a creator

There are two kinds of people on Facebook: consumers and creators.

Consumers scroll mindlessly through their newsfeed, looking at all the great things other people are doing.

Creators put out valuable, engaging content that attracts attention and builds loyalty.

The best way to be a creator is to build a community of fans and prospects that give you insight and inspiration for creating new products, services, and coaching programs. When the time comes to launch your product or service, your Facebook group members will be the hungriest and most eager to buy from you. Groups are quickly becoming the easiest way to grow and monetize a following on Facebook.

Are you making any other mistakes on Facebook?

You have enough information from this article to start turning your business around through the power of your free Facebook profile. And if you would like to know about 17 OTHER costly mistakes you could be making, and be able to build a tribe of loyal fans and customers, click here to learn more.

Adopted from Colombia to the United States as a young boy, years later, as a young man, Luis Congdon was living on the streets with no money, no home, and no connections. After making a gutsy decision to turn his life around, he landed a job with the Gottman Institute (researcher, John Gottman is an internationally-recognized expert in marriage and relationships), eventually launched a relationship podcast, and turned that into a business helping other entrepreneurs launch their own podcasts and businesses. You can find out more at Luis’ website, Thriving Launch.


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