Specificity In Marketing GONE WRONG!

Specificity In Marketing

Specifics sell. Vague generalities do not. This is an accepted and well-established marketing principle. And for good reason. Specificity, used correctly, makes your marketing message more believable.Yet, when applied incorrectly, specificity can actually damage the credibility of your marketing message. And suppress sales conversions. Specificity in marketing is all about giving specific details within your marketing stories, claims, […]

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The Infomercial Secret Of The “Unique Mechanism”

The Unique Mechanism In Marketing

Quick Navigation So What Is The “Unique Mechanism”?How The “Unique Mechanism” Works…5 Real-World Examples Of “Unique Mechanisms”3 Types Of “Unique Mechanism” You Can Use… In saturated and competitive markets, detailing your product’s “Unique Mechanism” is essential.And that’s why it’s become one of my go-to strategies in almost every funnel I set-up.See: The “Unique Mechanism” is THE […]

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The Hierarchy Of Value For Info-Products

The Hierarchy Of Value for Info-Products

My view of how to effectively present and package info-products and content has changed radically over the last year… Because, how you package and present your “information” and content determines how valuable prospects perceive it to be, what they’re willing to pay for it, and how it positions you in the marketplace. Let me show you what […]

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Why you need GOOD front-end Pizza

Guest author, David Perrera, is MFA Director of Sales. For the majority of my life I have called the state of New Jersey my home. New Jersey is known for its mobsters, high taxes, and really really good pizza. It’s also home to the greatest football team ever created, the New York Giants. OK maybe […]

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Getting a little personal

Riddle: What’s the difference between a tree and a business? Answer: If a tree falls in the woods, and no one is around to hear it, it still falls. But if a business has a solution to solve a problem, and no one is around to know about it, the business didn’t really solve the […]

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How to Love Your Business

Editor’s note: MFA welcomes Lisa Sasevich as our guest blogger today. As the Queen of Sales Conversion, among other things, I teach people how to make Irresistible Offers™ so they can move people into their programs and services on-the-spot without being salesy. In fact, you and I could talk until the cows come home about how […]

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7 Forbidden Email Subject Line Hacks

Editor’s note: MFA is pleased to share today’s article from guest blogger Daniel Levis. When Todd asked me to school you on email subject lines, I figured, “This’ll be interesting..”. You’re a savvy crowd. Hip to the basics. So when I say… You should start your subject line with “How _________” or “How to ________” or […]

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There Are No ‘Mindset’ Problems When It Comes to Overwhelm (and the REAL reason you feel burnout and waning passion for what you do…)

Editor’s note: MFA is pleased to share this article from guest blogger, Justin Devonshire. Let me quickly reveal a fallacy you may be victim to. There is no such thing as mindset ‘blocks’ when it comes to overwhelm. A ‘blockage’ is simply an unwillingness to do what is actually the most obvious thing that needs […]

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Sometimes, disgusting colors work!

There was a time when we were running ads in a variety of Facebook campaigns. One of these ads targeted the audience of a very well-known personal development person. It was brought to my attention that our ads were being questioned in an online Facebook group. The question was about whether or not the ads […]

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Numbers don’t lie

It’s a beautiful thing. Numbers, that is. Data. I love that it’s all so scientific. And the beautiful thing for those of us in the direct response business is that it’s not just institutional advertising. You run an ad, and then you see the response; you see how the marketplace feels about you when you […]

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3 Years to 7 Figures

Editor’s note: MFA is pleased to share this article from guest blogger, Lisa Sasevich. Part of my expertise lies in recognizing systems and patterns, breaking them down, figuring out how they operate, and then teaching others how to replicate those systems in their own businesses. One of the patterns I noticed is that there are three […]

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“Astounding discovery in 84-year-old silent film. Unlock the secret to gaining 1,000 YouTube likes without investing a penny in advertising.”

That is the headline one of my MFA students shared with me. He wanted to know if it was a big idea. My answer? Yes, it IS a big idea. It’s brand new, totally unique, and different. I’ve never heard of anyone else talking about an 84-year-old secret in a silent film. It’s intellectually interesting, […]

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