Avoid these 4 pitfalls to maximize your sales

When you are crafting upsells from your main offer, there are several pitfalls you need to avoid in order to maximize your sales. I will show you how to implement these tactics the right way instead!

  1. Know where your “bump offer” comes, and how to price it. (See this post for more information about bump offers.)

Because “bump offers” come from the offline world, we still see it as a check box on the order form. It’s something customers can add to their order simply by checking a box. You usually have one line of copy to present the bump offer, so it has to be immediately and clearly conveyed in value. You can’t sell a bump offer without that.

It’s also a very low-priced offer; you wouldn’t have a bump offer of $197. It’s almost always an impulse buy. It’s usually a tiny fraction of the cost of the main product.

So if you were selling a $100 product, you might have a bump offer that is $19. It’s an impulse decision. It’s something that doesn’t need to be bought, but is nice to have.

  1. Segment your list carefully.

Be careful that you don’t mix your offers.

For instance, if you have a $2000 certification program about mindset, which helps people become a mindset trainer or coach, and helps them launch a new business or part of their business, don’t present it to people who want to learn about mindset.

Those are two different markets and they need different pitches. One is going to the consumer market, and the other to the coaching market.

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  1. Decide whether to add a coaching program as part of your upsell.

The difference between a coaching program and a training program is this: A coaching program involves person-to-person interaction and a training program does not.

Coaching may involve some sort of weekly call with you, or with a faculty member, or on a group call. That is all what I call coaching.

Whereas, a training program doesn’t have personal interaction.

For instance here at MFA we have the 6-Figure Funnel Formula which does not have interaction with me. Students get access to training material, videos, audios, slides, tools, and resources.

On the other hand, we also have specific coaching programs,that are sold separately.

Whether you choose to go with a training program or a coaching program, a lot of that has to do with your personal decision.

There are a variety of different information publishing business models. Some involve coaching and some don’t. It’s your preference. Do you want to coach people and get on the phone with them? There is no right or wrong answer to that.

Of course with coaching, you can charge substantially higher fees. But it warrants those higher fees because it involves your time or someone else’s personal time.

Coaching is always a good upsell on the back end of a training program. So if you sell a training program for $297, there is a certain percentage of people who want hand-holding. That is a great upsell to training.

  1. If coaching is an upsell, don’t mention it too early in your EBM content

When it comes to how to add coaching to your training program there is no right answer. Should you add it as an upsell or should you add it as an all-included?

If you aren’t sure, you can run the training program offer at $297 and see what kind of ROI you get; then make decisions from there.

In the EBM sales content (education-based marketing) for the $297 version of the training program, don’t talk about working with you, or the benefit of working with you. That’s not what you are offering yet. In fact, if you include mention of the possibility of coaching in your initial EBM content, that would hurt your sales for the initial training program.

The value of working and coaching with you should only occur in the upsell sales content. It should never get mentioned before that as an upsell. In the main EBM content for the main program, don’t talk about working with you because it is not part of that main offer.

I hope these tips make your funnel sequence a lot clearer!


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