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Specificity In Marketing GONE WRONG!

Specifics sell. Vague generalities do not. This is an accepted and well-established marketing principle. And for good reason. Specificity, used correctly, makes your marketing message more believable.Yet, when applied incorrectly, specificity can actually damage the credibility of your marketing message. And suppress sales conversions. Specificity in marketing is all about giving specific details within your marketing stories, claims, […]

The Infomercial Secret Of The “Unique Mechanism”

Quick Navigation So What Is The “Unique Mechanism”?How The “Unique Mechanism” Works…5 Real-World Examples Of “Unique Mechanisms”3 Types Of “Unique Mechanism” You Can Use… In saturated and competitive markets, detailing your product’s “Unique Mechanism” is essential.And that’s why it’s become one of my go-to strategies in almost every funnel I set-up.See: The “Unique Mechanism” is THE […]

The Hierarchy Of Value For Info-Products

My view of how to effectively present and package info-products and content has changed radically over the last year… Because, how you package and present your “information” and content determines how valuable prospects perceive it to be, what they’re willing to pay for it, and how it positions you in the marketplace. Let me show you what […]

How to use Facebook advertising to get people to move through your funnel

You want to help your prospect stay on track and keep moving through your funnel. To do this, segment your marketing by using pixels. If you haven’t been doing ads for a long time, I know that thinking about retargeting may cause you to break into a cold sweat. But it’s really not that complicated. […]

How a big idea persuades a jury, and you can persuade your prospect

I know this isn’t you, right? But the biggest problem most marketers face is they just don’t invest the time to flesh out a clear, compelling big idea. They throw together a lousy idea, then think the way to improve it is to load it up with hype-y copy or false scarcity or a lot […]

How to offer a $1500 course on your front end

Yes, it’s easier to market a $7 tripwire than a $1,500 course. But we’re not going to do things just because it’s easier. When you have a great story and a great product, you can start your funnel with a $1,500 product.  Go ahead and put it on the front end. I know you think […]

No, you DON’T have a traffic problem. Unless you do this…

Sam and his family decided to move west to create a new life for themselves. So he hitched his two horses to his only wagon. Then he filled the wagon with sacks of food, blankets, tools, and other supplies. He piled pots and pans into the wagon, and they banged together a bit as the […]

Two simple winning landing page tactics that could dramatically boost your sales

“Steal our number one secret that doubles your webinar profits!” The headline at the top of a super simple landing page said something like that. The little subhead said, “Even if you’re crushing it with webinars, guaranteed.” Underneath that, it just said, “Free video training by [these great online marketing gurus],” and a button that […]

Should you start your funnel with a high-priced or low-priced offer?

I was a knucklehead and really didn’t know what I was doing. It was almost 15 years ago. For $397, I had purchased a home study course on a marketing topic. It was a gigantic course and I learned a ton from it. It totally hooked me and brought me into online marketing. So what […]

6 Ways to make more money with partners

Going to the dance without a partner means you could do a lot of standing around, watching everyone else. The same thing holds true as you grow your business. Without good partners, you are going to end up watching everyone else a lot of the time. So if you don’t have some great business partnerships […]

Sometimes, disgusting colors work!

There was a time when we were running ads in a variety of Facebook campaigns. One of these ads targeted the audience of a very well-known personal development person. It was brought to my attention that our ads were being questioned in an online Facebook group. The question was about whether or not the ads […]

Numbers don’t lie

It’s a beautiful thing. Numbers, that is. Data. I love that it’s all so scientific. And the beautiful thing for those of us in the direct response business is that it’s not just institutional advertising. You run an ad, and then you see the response; you see how the marketplace feels about you when you […]

How to compare apples to oranges and squeeze out some new customers

Sometimes you want to compare apples to apples. And sometimes you want to compare them to oranges. In a recent article we talked about how to set up a frame of reference when telling your prospects about the price of your product. We’ll explore that concept a little more in depth here, so you can […]

Why you DON’T want to start your funnel with a tripwire

Despite what many people may believe, the majority of extremely successful online marketers do not use a trip wire. Even though they often teach YOU to use one. Here’s why I don’t think it is always the best strategy to use. Look at offers from people like Rich Schefren, Frank Kern, Jeff Walker, Dan Kennedy, and […]

Video 3 – A day in the life of your prospect

In a previous post I shared how to teach your prospects effectively in video 2 of a video series so you leave them hungering for more from you. Video 3 is the next step. In video 3 you want to share the experience of using your product or service. Almost as if you are explaining […]

Strategic teaching leaves gaps

When teaching your prospects in a video sales funnel or in a webinar, you want to be strategic about what you teach. You don’t want to be vague, because that will leave them frustrated and not trusting you. Instead, you want to provide terrific, specific value. Enough valuable information so that anyone with a little […]

Content that is strategically designed for marketing

I love content. Because I love ideas and concepts. Even more though, I love content marketing. In fact, it’s called education-based marketing for a reason. Because you are using content that educates while you are marketing. And I mean ALL content that you send out should do marketing for you. That includes the content leading […]

What you need to know about the “free plus shipping” offer

One of the hottest trends in marketing right now is the “free plus shipping” offer for a book. If you aren’t familiar with how the offer works, you may be confused about how people make a profit when they are sending you a book for free. Yes, you charge a little more than it actually […]

Don’t make this split-testing mistake!

In this recording from a coaching call that we did with our high-level clients, I wanted to clarify the way to run a split-test. The key point is you have to be careful not to AVERAGE the numbers from your split tests. You need to look at them separately. Listen carefully to the way I […]

How to use a third party tracking service to boost your sales

Numbers, numbers, numbers. You MUST know your numbers. You must know how many are clicking, what they are clicking on, and which clicks lead to sales. People ask me all the time, “Can I just use the conversion pixel on Facebook, and can I use the opt-in numbers in Infusionsoft?” One of the worst things […]

Principles of persuasion. Do you use them ethically?

It’s important to really understand how to employ Robert Cialdini’s principles of persuasion in your launch. And as I repeat frequently, it’s also important to understand the difference between strategy and tactics. For instance, many people try to use the tactics of scarcity and persuasion, without first understanding the overall strategy. For example, in a […]

What are you doing? What do you WANT to be doing?

Start on a higher level. What?? I hear you ask. Is this some woo-woo stuff?? No, not at all. I’m talking about starting at a higher level regarding your strategic objective. As you first think about creating a product, ask yourself, “What’s the strategy behind this product? Am I creating this product because I need […]

How to keep more money when you launch a product

If you are new to doing a product launch, there are a lot of “little things” that you may not know about. Chief among these little things are payment options for the buyer, and payout plans for your affiliate or JV partners. We’ll take a look at both of these today. How to get paid […]

The art and science of pricing your products

Pricing your product requires both a little bit of art, and a lot of science. When I first started online, many moons ago, I was in a massage therapy niche selling business-building products to massage therapists. This was pre-video, so everybody at the time was selling an eBook or some sort of digital product. Everybody […]

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