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Deborah Owen

Deborah C. Owen is the Content Manager for Marketing Funnel Automation and co-host of the podcasts "The Marketer's Mind Show" and "Mighty Married Moms". She is also a published author, speaker, youth mindset trainer and parent coach. She is a wife, mother of three young adults, semi-pro classical musician and a long-time public school library teacher. Debbie loves to write, read, ski, hike, sail, walk on the beach, and play with their two flat-coat retrievers!

Bruce Lee Can Help You Transform Your Traffic Strategy

Guest author, Shawn Twing, is responsible for Marketing Funnel Automation’s traffic generation strategy and is a member of the MTAM faculty. Martial artist, actor, teacher, and philosopher Bruce Lee died seventeen years before the debut of the world wide web, yet he may have given the best advice – ever – for creating and executing […]

Why you need GOOD front-end Pizza

Guest author, David Perrera, is MFA Director of Sales. For the majority of my life I have called the state of New Jersey my home. New Jersey is known for its mobsters, high taxes, and really really good pizza. It’s also home to the greatest football team ever created, the New York Giants. OK maybe […]

Is Running Your Business Harder Than It Has to Be?

Editor’s note: MFA is pleased to share this article from guest author, Lisa Sasevich. People often ask me how I manage to have it all. How do I have time for my “passion projects,” such as: putting together a collaborative book to support my clients in gaining best-seller status; taking groups to Africa and Cambodia […]

Getting a little personal

Riddle: What’s the difference between a tree and a business? Answer: If a tree falls in the woods, and no one is around to hear it, it still falls. But if a business has a solution to solve a problem, and no one is around to know about it, the business didn’t really solve the […]

How to Love Your Business

Editor’s note: MFA welcomes Lisa Sasevich as our guest blogger today. As the Queen of Sales Conversion, among other things, I teach people how to make Irresistible Offers™ so they can move people into their programs and services on-the-spot without being salesy. In fact, you and I could talk until the cows come home about how […]

Productivity Non-Hacks of a 7-Figure CEO

Editor’s note: MFA is pleased to share this article from guest blogger, Danny Iny, CEO of Mirasee. It’s the end of another long day. You’re spent; your brain has stopped dead on its tracks. Do you look at your calendar with a sigh of accomplishment? Or regret that you haven’t done nearly as much as […]

7 Forbidden Email Subject Line Hacks

Editor’s note: MFA is pleased to share today’s article from guest blogger Daniel Levis. When Todd asked me to school you on email subject lines, I figured, “This’ll be interesting..”. You’re a savvy crowd. Hip to the basics. So when I say… You should start your subject line with “How _________” or “How to ________” or […]

The biggest problem marketers create for themselves

You are not your prospect. You are not twins. This is one of the biggest problems  marketers create for themselves. They write and design copy, webpages, blogposts, products, and more, all while thinking from their own perspective, not from the perspective of their prospect. Well, you might not have the same problem as your prospect. […]

3 Years to 7 Figures

Editor’s note: MFA is pleased to share this article from guest blogger, Lisa Sasevich. Part of my expertise lies in recognizing systems and patterns, breaking them down, figuring out how they operate, and then teaching others how to replicate those systems in their own businesses. One of the patterns I noticed is that there are three […]

The 5 P’s of Powerful Positioning

Editor’s note: MFA is pleased to share today’s article from guest blogger, Lisa Sasevich. If you’re like most people who plan to make an offer via a live presentation, teleseminar or webinar, or even during a one-on-one consultation, you worry about the last 15 minutes, otherwise known as “the close.” That’s when most of us […]

The story of Theo and Isaac. One Made it, the other…

Editor’s note: Today we welcome MFA Strategist, David Perrera as our guest blogger. On my live Blab! the other night one of our superstar clients, Eddie Coleman, was on with me and asked, “What characteristics do you see among your clients who are really able to turn the corner and consistently enjoy six- and seven-figure […]

Failing at Social Media? Here’s WHY.

MFA is very excited to introduce you to guest blogger, Mary Agnes Antonopoulos, an expert in organic social media. She is so well-respected by some of the biggest names in the industry, she doesn’t even need a website to stay busy! Check out her live event invitation below. So, is there really a formula to social […]

Think of Dinner While Structuring Your Irresistible Offer™

Editor’s note: We are very excited to welcome back guest blogger, Lisa Sasevich! If you want to be paid well for what you do, your offer must motivate people to take action. You want your prospective clients to find your offer so irresistible that they gobble it right up. To create that kind of hunger, […]

Rest in peace, SEO

Guest Post: Dave Perrera, MFA Funnel Strategist “SEO is for suckers”. I’ll never forget the day he said that to me. I had just recently left my company of 10 years, where I had managed over 50 people at one point in time; I was ready to venture out into the world of entrepreneurship. I […]

Create Desire in Your Prospects Without Being Salesy

Editor’s note: Today we are thrilled to begin offering you extra value by introducing you to other great marketers who have new perspectives on how to grow your business and your impact. From us here at MFA, this is one of the best ways we know to make sure you find a formula that works for […]

Marketing so well that selling becomes unnecessary – MFA Live 2015

“Never underestimate the task at hand when it comes to moving prospects to buy. It takes extreme, extraordinary measures to compel people to act.” ~Todd Brown Wow! MFA’s first-ever large-scale live event was a total success last week! MFA Live 2015 had attendees fly in from around the world. They came from South Africa and […]

This is how you get prospects to believe in your Big Idea

You’ve heard it before: use emotional triggers in your copy in order to get your prospects to want to buy from you. But it’s not easy to focus on just ONE emotion. And that emotion must support the ONE Big Idea at the core of your marketing message. Through using this one idea and this […]

Use this conversion trifecta to increase sales

Do you remember when you were in school, and you missed a few days in a row? Maybe you were sick, or you attended a special family gathering. When you got back to school and went from class to class, you began to feel panic rising in your stomach as you went through your day. […]

9 Ways to Track Website Conversions

When I go out hunting, I bring only a camera; no gun. I’m just looking for some evidence of wild creatures in the woods, so I can go “oooh!” and “ahhh!”, and show off some great pics! People who really know what they are doing know how to look for signs of the presence of […]

Are you leaving money on the table?

What if there were no way to track your conversions? Would you know what is working – or not working – on your website or landing page? Would you know if your chosen search terms are sending you visitors? Would you know if your ads are sending you customers? Would you know if you are […]

What do your prospects REALLY want?

“Thanks so much for subscribing to our website! I want to help you be as successful as possible. To help me know how to help you, please reply to this email and tell me what your biggest struggle is. I can’t promise to reply to every email I receive, but I sure do read every […]

Top 14 WordPress Tools to Boost Your Conversions – part 2

In our previous post, we helped you make your site look better, and increased engagement with your visitors so that you can make more money. Today, let’s look at some tools that will make sure your readers keep coming back, make things easier for you on the back end, and help you do some split-tests […]

Top 14 WordPress Tools to Boost Your Conversions – part 1

Some people are tech wizards. Seriously. Everything they touch seems easy to fix, and the next thing you know, it looks beautiful too. And then there are the rest of us. We get just far enough along to understand the basics, but we really need some help to go further than that. This post is […]

Webinar attendance? It’s all about the Big Opportunity

“Your next big opportunity might just show up in your email inbox.” That is what you want your prospect to imagine. When you let people know that you are doing a webinar where you are going to share some incredibly valuable information that could change their lives, and they raise their hand and say, “Hey, […]

Getting people to show up on your webinar using 5 key factors

When you invite someone to a party, they usually decide to show up for at least one of several reasons: they already know you, and know what to expect at a party you host they are interested in meeting some of the people who will be at the party they are just looking for a […]

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