6 Ways to make more money with partners

Going to the dance without a partner means you could do a lot of standing around, watching everyone else.

The same thing holds true as you grow your business. Without good partners, you are going to end up watching everyone else a lot of the time.

So if you don’t have some great business partnerships working for you and with you yet, now is the time to start making that happen!

And don’t be afraid to ask for what you really want. Shoot for the stars! They may not be able to give you everything you are looking for, but start out by asking, and hope that you can get some level of integration.

Look for other companies where your offerings complement each other. That way you can be part of each other’s upsells and downsells, as well as their email sequence. And be aware that there are many ways you and your partners can help each other.

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One-off promotions

This is a quick and simple way to get a new kick of revenue, and a whole new group of customers and prospects. Your partner mails for you, maybe a couple of times for a specific promotion, and you get some new business.

Integrate your offers on their thank you page

This is a great way to be introduced to a new audience. Your partner sells their own product, and on the thank you page, they offer their new customers – who have just pulled out their wallets, remember, which makes them much more likely to do so again – the opportunity to get more value from their purchase by getting a complementary product from you.

If your partner already has a lot of their own products, they aren’t likely to do this for you. Why would they take a percentage of a sale if they can get the full price themselves?

But if they only have one or a few products to sell at this point, it’s a great way for both of you to make a little more money, and to add more value to their customers.

Get into their thank you sequence

If they don’t want to put your product on their thank you page, perhaps your partner would be willing to put you into their follow up thank you email sequence.

Get integrated on their website with a banner ad

You can provide a banner ad for their website, blog, or just for their order form or thank you page. The banner can say something like, “Extra bonus! Especially for Bob Smith’s customers!” or something similar. You can offer a special 50% discount right then and there.

Or make a standard banner ad that you can repurpose to multiple partners. It saves them the time and trouble of creating it themselves, which means they are more likely to include it, if it is easy to do. Just give different partners different affiliate links, obviously.

Integrate your webinar into their sequence

Let’s say you run a webinar for your product, and at the end, you make an offer.

If the topic of your webinar is aligned with what your partner’s customers just bought, your partner can integrate that webinar on their back end.

This is especially attractive to partners who don’t have a lot of their own products to offer on the back end yet. This is a way they can increase both the value of their current customers, and the value to their current customers.

Integrate your product on their front end

Some partners are the other way around. They have an extensive back end, which they obviously want to promote, but they don’t have much in the way of front-end offers. They can take your product and put it in front of their prospects who don’t buy their initial one or two front-end offers.

It goes both ways

Of course, if you are asking your partner to boost your products and services, it has to go both ways. Do what you can to promote their products with your list and your prospects.

When you work together, everyone is going to benefit. If your partner solves problems for your customers that you don’t solve, your customers will love you for introducing them to this solution.

So don’t stand around at the dance, watching everyone else have a good time! Bring along your own partners and turn up the music.

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