3 “New” Cool Sales Conversion Tactics

Looking for a couple of new ways to add a nice little boost to your marketing funnel conversions?

Give these three “new” conversion tactics a test:

#1. Animated GIF Image in Email

Dozens of tests have shown that including a clickable image in your email messages increases clicks. Especially when the image is an action screenshot from a video.

Over the last handful of weeks we’ve been testing animated images to the top of several email messages and seeing an even greater CTR.

3 New Cool Sales Conversion Tactics

There are several free online resources you can use to take a tiny portion of any video and turn it into an animated GIF you can use in email.

The site we use is: https://imgflip.com/gifgenerator

#2. Countdown Timer Within Your Email Messages

You already know that countdown timers ticking down to a deadline are a powerful way of adding urgency to your offers.

Adding them to sales pages is a simple way to convey scarcity and drive more conversions. (Just be sure there is a legitimate deadline)

But, did you know you can also add dynamic countdown timers right within the body of your email messages?

3 New Cool Sales Conversion Tactics

We recently tested this within some email messages used within a live product launch counting down to the cart closing.

And, the emails with the countdown timer had a higher CTR (sometimes as high as 19% more) than the emails without the countdown timer.

The countdown tool we use is from Jack Born (the dude behind AWProTools). You can try it out for free here. 

#3. Resumable Video Sales Letters

This one isn’t that new. We’ve been using it for months now. But, it may be new to you.

Have you ever watched a portion of a VSL… left the page… then went back to watch the rest of the video later on?

Well, in most cases, when there are no player controls on the video, when you return later to watch it again you have to start all over again.

Imagine what this does to your engagement level with prospects… especially when you have a 20 or 30 minute video.

The likelihood of a prospect re-watching the video again goes way down when you force them to re-watch the portion they’ve already seen.

What Resumable Video does is allow the prospect to choose whether they want to watch the video from the beginning again, or pick-up at the exacts spot in the video where they left off.

3 New Cool Sales Conversion Tactics

This way… when you send prospects back to the video, via your email follow-up sequence, they can continue watching the video from the point they stopped watching it.

(This is really powerful when you’re using video tracking to see how far into the video a prospect watched. For prospects that don’t complete the video, you can have targeted follow-up that sends them back to watch the rest… starting at the exact point they stopped.)

The resource we use for this is Wistia.

What about you? What conversion tactics have you been testing that are proving to bump conversions? Share in the comments below. I’d love to hear from ya…


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